Marsala to enhance the Beuaty of Your Gemstone Jewelry in 2015

Color, color on every wall, who’s the fairest of them all???

Marsala it is!!! Yes, you read that right… Marsala has been declared the color of the year 2015.  We’re all happy!!! And we’re willing to know if that makes you feel happy too…

Marsala- The Color that’s First on List this Year

Marsala, the red wine color, is the color of the year and we’ll all be seeing soon everything pained in Marsala. From clothes, to jewelry to accessories, everything will have a touch of this beautiful red wine color and this will mark the beginning of a new time. While we’re all set to open doors for the new color, it is also important and exciting to look at the past and visualize how over the last five years Pantone decided the color of the year:

·        2010- Turquoise

·        2011- Honeysuckle

·        2012- Tangerine Tango

·        2013- Emerald

·        2014- Radiant Orchid

·        2015- Marsala

Here‘s what makes us feel happy:

“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.”  - Pantone (The Selection Committee).




This hue is much softer and is an understated deviation to blood-red, also known as pigeon’s blood, relating particularly to the richness of tropical landscapes. The color indeed a superb selection to be made for the year 2015; we’re stepping towards the gentle beauty of the spring season which increases the demand for pastel colors and festive delights.

More Choices for You:

You’re special to Pantone and to us… We’ve gladly accepted and welcomed the new color to our jewelry color palette, which gives us the chance to put together some of our exquisite and mesmerizing jewelry designs featuring this amazing rich hue.

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