Moonstone with a Blend of Coffee!

Haven’t you ever come across a stone that has a blend of coffee in it?? If not until now, then now is the time to capture in your eyes the look of such a stone. ‘Coffee Moonstone’ is just as amazing as the taste of perfect hot coffee.

Besides all the imaginations that cross your mind when you see or hear coffee moonstone, some of the characteristics deserve a look through them. So this blog is all about the legend, nature and the healing powers of the beautiful stone.

The stone has its background associated with Burma and Sri Lanka, but is now rare. Some of the best moonstones have a silky sheen associated with them. The legend behind the stone states that its brightness increases as the new become completes and becomes full. The Indians consider it sacred and they think that one can see into the future if the moon is held when the moon turns full. Coffee Moonstone is considered as a feeling stone since it enhances the understanding by a sense of intuition and emotions rather than by some kind of intellectual means. It alleviates emotional tension and enhances creativity and self expression. Some people regard it as the stone of love and is also helpful for success in love problems.

                                                         Moonstone with a Blend of Coffee!

The coffee moonstone is a stone which is unique and rare in its kind. Years back it was called it travelers stone, since it was used as a protection against the various dangers of travel. As already said, it was a talisman of good and healthy future. It is also useful for success in business and enhances intuition.

The stone is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, is the birthstone for the month of June. The color ranges from soft mocha brown to darker brownish-grey - both with and without peachy brown streaks.

As far as the healing properties of the stone are considered they are as unique as the stone itself. It is said to promote ease in pregnancy, childbirth, balances hormones , relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress and change of life and to eliminate insomnia - an ancient remedy, helpful in functions of the pineal gland. Chocolate Moonstone crystal can be used for uniting the astral and physical worlds, emotional healing, balance, and goddess magic in it.

“The coffee moonstone is just as inviting as the smell of fresh pure coffee; making it one of the greatest things found.”