Morganite Facts with Easy Buying Tips

Morganite is a stunningly beautiful, pink coloured gemstone that was first discovered only in 1911! Despite being on the planet for 4 billion years, it evaded the eye for so many years only because of its elusive mines. The gemstone occurs in the form of complex granite crystals like squat and tubular structures.

Here are 6 Morganite Gemstone market facts that will help you make a better choice while shopping.

1.  Colours:

Morganite gemstone is also called as the pastel stone, by virtue of its light pink shade. The colour is not consistent and usually reveals other related colours like orange pink, beryl red and purple. Darker gemstone in Morganite family is very rare, but they do fetch good price.
Morganite gemstones are classified on the basis of colours like rose, peach, salmon and blush. Pink and rose tinted gemstones are very popular and used to make Engagement Rings and Anniversary Rings.

2.  Clarity and lustre:

Morganite gemstones do not have any visible inclusions. They are clear and have lustrous appeal, which is used exclusively as cabochon. It reveals a distinct colour property called pleochroism, with pale pink and deeper bluish pink highlights when exposed to UV ray. Morganite can be cut in standard shapes and sizes with unique fantasy designs.

Modern cutters explore the contemporary designs in pear, round, oval, square, heart, marquise, emerald to bring out the Cat’s Eye phenomenon lavishly.

3.  The Price connection:

Morganite is named after one of the most famous financiers in the modern history, JP Morgan. Morgnaite is a high priced gemstone owing to its association with the red beryl. However, there are other colour varieties too like yellow and orange morganite.
In 1989, the largest morganite was extracted in Maine, USA. It weighed over 23 kilograms and was named as “The Rose of Maine”. It was not a pink variety but an orange one.

4.  Pink Emerald tag:

The stone is tagged as the Stone of Unconditional Love, and associated with the matters of heart and thymus. It resonates with the Divinity of Heart. Found in Thailand, Brazil, Madagascar and USA, Morganite or Pink Emerald as it is marketed all round the world, has some of the most beautiful siblings in the family, For instance, Goshenite, which is a colourless beryl similar in property to that of the Morganite. Bixbite is another Morganite sibling which is used in gem industry for its ravishing red appearance.

Morganite Gemstone beads

5.  The Emotional Healer:

Morganite, as revealed earlier, is associated with the Heart Chakra. When worn in a necklace close to the breastbone, it cures the issues in relationship. It has a balancing effect on the health, life and finances. It cultivates a spirit of universal love, and adored by spiritual leaders and politicians.

6.  Pricing:

Best Morgnaite varieties can fetch $300 per carat. Princess Cut Morganite engagement rings weighing 0.6 carat with Type III clarity index will cost around $100 per carat. Depending on the colour and origin of the stone, the prices do vary. Trilliant cut and Pear Shape morganites are priced at $450 per carat and above.