Moss Aquamarine: Earn the Power and Tranquillity of Ocean

Moss Aquamarine is a brilliant blue tranquil crystalline gemstone from the cyan family of beryls. It is one of the most sought after beryls in the family of natural gemstones. Extracted from the mines of Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Myanmar, the Moss Aquamarine is available in yellow, green and rosy pink shades as well apart from the Sea Blue shade. Some crystals of Moss Awuamarine also exhibit the phenomenon of iridescent where the brilliant blue fades into white and returns to blue when subjected to varying temperatures.

Significance of Moss Aquamarine Gemstone
Aquamarine Moss gemstone resonates with the most abundant element on Earth- The Water. It carries the power of ocean which connects the spirit of the person wearing the aquamarine beads with water element. In the olden days, sailors carried the Moss Aquamarine in their chest to ensure safe passage through wild waves. Even today, the gemstone is used to pacify the spirits living in water.

Moss Aquamarine is a trusted gemstone used to treat many phobias including that of water, darkness and lofty heights. It is also used to treat pain caused due to frost-bite or chills. It is a perfect accomplice for travellers who have to pass through different terrains and geographies that largely include icy caves, snow valleys, rainforests and rivers.
In gemstone treatise, Moss Aquamarine Beads associated with the following conditions in life.

  • Prevention of casualties due to drowning
  • Relieving from the diseases of lungs, liver and throat.
  • Babies coming in contact with the Moss Aquamarine gemstone earn immunity from oedema and pneumonia.
  • For old age, the gemstone of aquamarine prevents dehydration in the body.

Metaphysical Significance
Moss Aquamarine is aptly called the Courage Stone. It is linked to the verbal expression of ideas and emotions. Associated with the Throat Chakra, the gemstone enhances spiritual communication with the inner-self as well as with spirits. Moss Aquamarine is favourable for those involved in professions and activities like:

  • Water Sports
  • Motor sports
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors, especially Renal and Eye Specialists
  • Firemen
  • Sailors and Merchant Navy Officials

Effect on the Chakras
Moss aquamarine gemstone is primarily associated with the Heart Chakra. The secondary chakras that it regulates are:

  • Throat
  • Third-Eye
  • Thymus

It is the birthstone for those born under the signs of Aries, Gemini and Pisces.
Places to find Moss Aquamarine
Madagascar is home to some of the most enticing rock beds of the Moss Aquamarine. In fact, a special variety called Maxxie is mined from this isolated island in the Indian Ocean. Apart from this, Moss Aquamarine is also found in following locations.

  • Mt. Antero, Colorado, USA
  • Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming, USA
  • Saw-Tooth Range, Idaho, USA
  • Colombia
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Bahia, Brazil
  • Rio Grande de Norte, Brazil
  • Marambaia, Brazil

As per records, the largest Moss aquamarine called the “Dom Pedro Aquamarine” weighs 110 kg and measures 49 centimetres long and 42 centimetres wide in diameter. It is housed in the National Museum of Natural History.