Multi Sapphire - The Powerful Stone Of Saturn For Luck, Power And Miracle

Multi Sapphire is an attractive healing gemstone used to release the power of creativity and embrace balance in life. Often regarded as the Luck stone, the Multi Sapphire gemstone is associated with the celebration of 45th anniversary. Depending on the dominance of the colour in Multi Sapphire stone, the control on chakra also varies. Ruled by planet Saturn, this gemstone is one of the most powerful metaphysical stones.

Significance of Adorning Multi Sapphire

Multi sapphire has been the most favoured gemstone often adorned by intellectuals and warriors since centuries. It is associated with the following conditions and phases in life.

  • Birth of a child
  • Freedom and liberation from debt or financial hurdle
  • Promotion at job
  • Home-warming
  • Academic excellence
  • Settlement abroad

The stone helps in:

  • Expression of Creativity
  • Strengthening Sixth sense intuition
  • Bring Luck and fortune
  • Stir optimism
  • Breed mutual friendship and collaboration
  • Ease sibling rivalry
  • Fortify loyalty among friends, spouse and employees
  • Polish knowledge and sharpen memory, especially at an young age

What each colour signifies?

Each shade of multi Sapphire exhibits its own power. It is important to choose the state of dominance yourself. As per healing stone experts, the colours are matched accordingly with life phase.

  • Dominant (D.) blue: Combating phobias and fears in life
  • D. Yellow: Treating ailments related to bile and digestive system
  • D. Black: Protection against intoxication and drugs
  • D. Pink: Boost fertility, relationships and assist in healthy childbirth
  • D. White: Tranquillity and peace of mind assured
  • D. indigo: Ease confidence issues and boosts aura
  • D. Green: Heart chakra specifically beneficial for those born under the zodiacs of Gemini and Libra

Embracing Wisdom and Prosperity  

Each colour in Multi sapphire bears a relationship with the wisdom it bestows on the person adorning it. Known as the “Wisdom Stone”, this gemstone restores balance between the mind and body. It eliminates the confusion that grips before major decisions. If you are unable to make a strong resolution in a long standing obstacle, the Multi Sapphire stone will guide you to the solution.

Wearing the multi sapphire rock on fingers promises to bring:

  • Serenity
  • Mental peace
  • Immunity against physical wounds
  • Joy from love making
  • Lightness after day’s work
  • Wealth management

It is rightly sold in the market with the name of “Spirit stone” and “Fortune Rock”.
Who should wear it?

Multi Sapphire Beads have variable effect on the life of a person, Depending on the influence of certain forces and Saturn’s grip, multi sapphire also exerts its relieving powers. You can embrace the stone for more benefits if you are born in the month of September on odd days.

Zodiacs of Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius are strongly recommended to embrace the stone. It can be adorned as a ring stone or in the form of beads. Single rock can also be embraced and placed strategically over your desk or under your pillow so that nobody else can see it.