Multi Spinel: The Magic Stone for Mind-Body Healing

Multi spinel is a stone that dispels ambiguous. There is one very interesting aspect about this Multi spinel owing to it commercial availability. It has such a wide ranging variety in terms of colour, Multi Spinel gemstones are often confused for other stones. It has powerful healing and metaphysical properties and associated with positivity in life. Called the “Fortune Stone”, Multi Spinel attracts wealth, bliss and fame in life. If you are seeking aura cleansing and freedom from karmic retribution, adorn a gold ring parked with a multi spinel weighing at least 3 carat.

Colours that Matter
Dominance of the colour is what makes the Multi Spinel gemstone and beads so effective in its healing and cure. In order to understand which colour of Multi spinel will suit you, it is important to identify the dominance of the shade.  Stone experts identify the gemstone to be worn with the following phases of life.

  • Red Dominance Multi Spinel: Create powerful energy field. Recommended to artists, political leaders and lawyers
  • Green Dominance: Calm fluctuating thoughts and ease depression during loss of health or wealth
  • Blue dominance: Tranquillity stone that has similar healing properties as Aquamarine.
  • Black Multi Spinel: Helps overcome difficult situations in life and empowers you to handle others more judiciously
  • Gray multi spinel: It boosts intuition and helps you pick your own set of people who will stay loyal to you. Preferred mostly by celebrities and politicians.
  • Pink multi spinel: Extensively recommended for couples in love. Always sold in pair and worn either as a ring or as a locket around the neck. Placed under the pillow while making love to boost compassion and increase faith.
  • Peach multi spinel: Rare gemstone but sold widely on account of its confidence-boosting features.
  • Purple or Violet Spinel: Called the “Ancestor’s Stone”, it is passed from one generation to another to enhance communication and understanding. It prevents the feeling of victimization.
  • Yellow or Mottled Spinel: High energy stone worn before a journey or taking up an important task.

Multi-Spinel and Its Suitability Factors
As per the popular tales and legend, wearing the multi spinel guarantees protection against:

  • Sudden loss of wealth
  • Unfaithful partner
  • Kidney and liver ailments
  • Intoxicating items
  • Stress and depression
  • Claustrophobia
  • Fear of darkness, travelling and loneliness

Health and Multi Spinel
Multi Spinel Gemstone is called the “De-Clogging Stone” as far as its relevance in treating certain psychological and easing medical ailments are concerned. It has special significance in healing and balancing the “Energy points” in the body. In fact, it clears the blockages in the energy chakras of the body.
It is recommended to those suffering or experiencing following medical conditions:

  • Joint pains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Teeth diseases
  • Cancer among both men and women
  • Blood disorders
  • Infertility
  • Memory issues

Multi Spinel Beads assists in increasing physical stamina and raises the intensity of Kundalini energy.