Mystic Topaz: The Rainbow Stone

Mystic topaz is the latest gemstone to enter the commercial stone market. Despite its popularity, only a handful of gemstones from mystic topaz family are actually sold in the open market. Most of them are auctioned off or placed in high-priced galleries for exhibition. It is manufactured from the colourless varieties of Topaz. After extensive polishing and synthetic fabrication of the colourless gemstone, Mystic topaz attains its charming physical appearance. It is used as an item of decor on rings, earning, amulets, bracelets and luck charms.


Mystic Topaz: Special Properties
Do you want to know why Mystic topaz gems are so popular? Here’s a list of special properties exhibited by the genuinely attractive stone.

  • Multiple colours

Mystic topaz has a flurry of shades ranging from grassy green to fiery red. In between the gemstone also exhibits warm tinges of yellow, pink and blue. It is often lined by titanium pavilion to set the stone in place over a ring or amulet.

  • Iridescent

The multiple colour shades exhibit iridescence which makes Mystic topaz the most popular gemstone in the family. Despite its ornamental beauty, the stone is available in mostly 1 carat set pieces.

  • Affordable

Beauty comes at a price but the Mystic Topaz Gemstoneis an off-beat item. It is affordable and beats the popularity of the other naturally occurring gemstones from beryl and topaz varieties.

  • Mimics Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is one of the costliest gemstones from Topaz variety. Owing to the iridescent properties and multiple colours, Mystic topaz is often sold in the market with imperial tag. It is very similar to the crystals of beryl and tourmaline and hence remains a commercial hit despite being a synthetic fabrication.

  • Wide-scale availability

Owing to the wide-scale availability of the natural raw material, colourless Topaz, Mystic Topaz comes largely from the American and Ural regions. The largest producers of Mystic Topaz are:

  • Russia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • India

Colour Energies of Mystic Topaz
Despite its synthetic fabrication, Mystic topaz Beads exhibit extensive colour energy. The topaz is called the “truth Stone” and is associated with ease of judgement in case of tough situations in life. It is known to activate cosmic awareness and directs the spiritual power towards physical determination.
Stone experts connect the colour variation exhibited by the Mystic topaz gemstone with following physical and spiritual conditions.

  • Yellow: Relieves digestion ailments
  • Red: Enhances sexual prowess
  • Green: Improves mood and relieves emotional conflict
  • Blue: Removes phobias and fears from mind
  • White: Rejuvenates mind among creative people and among those involved with hospitality professions.
  • Black: Intensifies the urge to achieve goals and objectives in personal and professional life.

Market names
Mystic Topaz gemstones are sold in the market with names like:

  • Mystic Fire Topaz
  • Fire Topaz
  • Alaskan Ice
  • Rainbow Topaz

Apart from the regular colours, Mystic Topaz is also available in dual shades of red-green, blue-yellow and white-pink shades. Name varies accordingly.