What makes Nephrite Cat's Eye popular with Gemstones Lovers?

The precious gemstone of Nephrite cat’s eye is one of the most enticing items to possess. Not only is it a beautiful accessory to wear but also has significant metaphysical importance. Nephrite Cat’s eye is also called as the ‘Kidney Bead” gemstone owing to its closeness in shape to the organ. Extracted from the Taiwanese mines of Shoufeng and Xiulin Township in the Hualien County, Nephrite Cat’s Eye is unarguably the toughest mineral in the world.

Popular Names:

Nephrite Cat’s Eye Beads are available in the market in a variety of commercial names. The most popular ones are:

  • Taiwan Jade
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Waxy nephrite
  • Common Nephrite Cat’s

Of these, Nephrite Cat’s Eye earns maximum attention as well as price.

Colour and Crystalline Pattern

Nephrite Cat’s eye is an emerald-like gemstone with dark green glossy surface. It could be both clear as well as dotted. The level of transparency depends on the presence of chromite. Chormite in Nephrite Cat’s eye crystal gives it the distinguished black mottles and cloudy speckles. Taiwan jade or Nephrite Cat’s eye also exhibits reflection as well as refraction of light owing to the structure of internal mineral fibres. In slender bright light, the gemstone of Taiwan Nephrite Jade lights up like a cat’s eye and hence the name.

Down under in Australia and New Zealand, the Nephrite cat’s eye gemstone is found in a variety of green shades like olive green, lime green, apple green, bottle green and grass green. Some yellow varieties and white ones have also been extracted from the mines.


Legends and Cultural Connections

Nephrite Cat’s eye played a very important role in the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization. It was adorned by the Pharaohs and their queens with brilliance. In fact, the name Nephrite is attributed to the queen of Egypt.

  • Nephrite Cat’s Eye was minted into a coin and placed over the eyes of the dead Pharaoh. It ensured that the sarcophagus sailed peacefully into the after-life and next birth.
  • Nephrite cat’s eye also featured significantly as a sailor’s stone when traders used it as a guide stone.
  • Amulets and necklaces made of the gemstone Cat’s eye were gifted to the newly wedded couples to usher bliss and romance into their lives.


A variety of Nephrite known as “Ulan-Khodinskiy” exhibits a brilliant phenomenon similar to chrysophrase. With multiple colours in one stone, it is believed to control all the chakras of the body.

  • Nephrite is connected to rebuilding of life. It improves recovery and wellness in quick time.
  • It saves the person wearing it from toxic effects of food and drink. It is known to cure renal ailments.
  • It helps two people connect with trust and compassion. It is an endearing gemstone used to cast away evil eyes.


 In Siberia, the Nephrite cat’s eye was found in a huge rock formation. The anvil used to break it broke into pieces and the rock remained intact.

Apart from China and Egypt, Nephrite Cat’s eye is closely associated with the neo-Classical cultures that lived in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada and Alaska.