A look at Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Peach Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the oldest known items of metaphysical and spiritual therapy. Often called the “Mystery Stone”, Peach moonstone Gemstone is adored for its association with the feminine mysteries that control the outcome of any activity or challenge. In order to get back to track professionally or recovering from a relationship disaster, peach moonstone really helps. Here’s a rundown on the immaculate Facts of the Peach Moonstone catalogue.

  • Gets you close to Mother Nature

The peach moonstone beads attract the abundance available with the Mother Nature. It strengthens the determination to get close to the nature and Universe. If used while doing meditation, most of your troubles will be answered as if you had known the answers forever.

  • Strengthens your Sixth sense

Ever wondered why you did not listen to your heart when it was screaming on top of its voice when you lost those shares or had a hard time with relationships? Well, you did not have faith in your sixth sense. Peach moonstone strengthens your sixth sense so that you can steer clear of the difficult situations in life or at least stay prepared.

  • Connect with your Chakras

The peach moonstone gems controls the chakras of the Third Eye and the Crown. It is associated with the creative ambition and is stronger in men than in women. Wearing the stone actually controls the right side of the brain and makes you focus on your talent. Most artists lose out on making riches despite being masters of creativity.

  • Stimulates your Love

Soul feeds the mind and mind feeds the heart. Peach moonstone helps you pay attention to this mystical interaction and governs outcomes in life. Whether at work, home or in bed, wearing the gemstone gives you the power to choose for yourself without an iota of dominance reflected in your behaviour. It stimulates your love karma to exude compassion and genuine faith in people and environment around you.

  • Making the Right compromises

Just like the moon has a waxing and a waning phase, life too follows a certain pattern. Autumn is always followed by a fall as fall by the spring, wearing the Peach moonstone gives the courage to weather tough times and make compromises without worrying about the consequences. Only way you move ahead in life by wearing the gemstone is upwards into a higher spiritual plane.

  • Reunion Package

So you had a big fight with your sibling or spouse? So what. Before it turns any sour, try putting a peach moonstone in the cabinet close to your bed. Meditate with the stone every night before retiring to bed. You will see how your relationship with them improves over time.

  • Seven continents, Seven sources

All over the world, there are seven distinct sites from where peach moonstone is quarried extensively. They are:

  • Indian sub-continent (Asia)
  • Poland and Norway (Europe)
  • Australia (Oceania)
  • Mexico and USA (North America)
  • Peru (South America)
  • Madagascar (Africa)
  • South Antarctica (yet to be evaluated for commercial purposes)