A look into the magical power of Pearl Gemstone

For centuries, the Moon has been the epitome of beauty, tranquillity and penance. Pearl gemstone posses the healing properties that soothes the physical and mental conditions of life. Every issue related to the Moon and its planetary influence can be relieved by wearing the Pearl gemstone. Just like its formation and its extraction, the individual wearing the pearl oyster gem also can bring immense beauty into life. Its origin is linked to the rain of Swati Nakshatra and considered to be auspicious. In terms of its formation, Oyster pearl and Bamboo pearl have similar metaphysical and healing properties.

Sources of Pearl
Depending on the source from which it is extracted, there are eight known varieties Pearl gemstone Beads available in the commercial gems market. They are:

  • Sky pearl (Akaash Mani)
  • Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani)
  • Bamboo Pearl
  • Hog Pearl
  • Elephant Pearl (Ashwa Mani)
  • Conch Pearl (Sankhu Mani)
  • Fish pearl
  • Oyster Pearl

How to identify a genuine pearl
Based on the scriptures and gemology principles, a pure pearl should have the following properties.

  • Pure white colour, reflecting the Moon’s beauty
  • Perfectly round surface without a dent. Pearls that are oval in shape are not considered genuine or effective.
  • Compact physical structure suggesting its high specific gravity
  • Smooth and spotless brilliance
  • Lustrous glamour reflecting its attractive radiance that lasts till eternity
  • Absence of any kind of impurity

Once you have earned yourself a genuine pearl, you can transformation in your behaviour and the environment around you.
Effect of wearing genuine Pearl
Pearl is associated with Goddess of Wealth, Devi Lakshmi. Effects of wearing genuine pearl are:

  • Begetting fortune and wealth
  • Attract vitality and wisdom into life
  • Long-lasting friendships and relationships
  • Prosperity of business

Tinted pearls: Are they genuine
Yes, the tinted pearl gemstones are genuine. The following pearl shades are associated with conditions in life:

  • Yellow Lustre Pearl- Prosperity in life, business and in the surrounding
  • Red Pearl- Intelligence and wisdom
  • White pearls with Beige tinge- Fame and eminence
  • Blue pearl- Birth stone and fertility (associated with Lord Shiva)

Common Flaws in natural pearls
Natural pearls are not devoid of flaws or impurities. They could be inflicted with following imperfections.

  • Ridges or cracks- Wearing such a pearl could cause grievous injury to health
  • Linings or scratched surface- Dwindles the fortune earned and closes windows of opportunities
  • Indentation- Dents fame, wealth and health
  • Speckles, mottles and cloudy formation- Associated with lurking sadness and misfortune in life.

How to Wear and Maintain Pearl
The pearl is called the ‘Moon Medicine’ and is always worn over a pure silver ring. It should be worn on an evening of a chosen Nakshatra that matches its value.  The 30th anniversary pearl stone is the birth stone of June and controls the zodiac of Gemini and Cancer.
Pearl is relatively soft compared to other gems. It has to be maintained with outmost care. Eroded pearl gem also loses its healing properties. Wipe it with wet cloth and never with detergent or lime.