Pink Chalcedony - A Healing Stone With Divine Powers

Do you often find yourself engulfed in negativity? Do you experience negative thoughts about others at work or in relationships? Do you find it hard to focus on your thoughts and often struggle to control your anger or jealousy? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions, you are not adding any value to your life. You need a talisman, a nurturing guide and a companion. Pink chalcedony is the perfect companion to guide you through this condition.

Pink Chalcedony: The Motherly Nurture
Pink chalcedony stirs the motherly nurture in every person. If you are inflicted with bad vibes and jealousy, wearing pink chalcedony strengthens empathy and compassion. It stimulates innocence and trust without wondering about the final outcome of any action.

Pink chalcedony Gemstones are recommended to the first-time mothers who are often anxious about their pregnancy and the health of their baby. The Pink Chalcedony Beads strengthens the family bond between the father, baby and mother. It is also a Heart stimulator. Patients with high blood pressure, abnormal lipid profiles and atherosclerosis are recommended to wear the pink chalcedony. It also boosts your recovery if you just had a bypass surgery or if you are about to go for one soon.

Pink Chalcedony and Children
Chalcedony is a form of quartz. Its brilliance is loved by the kids. Not just the appearance, pink chalcedony is also found to be effective in stimulating the physical and mental development of the kid.

In healing Pink Chalcedony is believed to support the immune system and to fortify the heart. It promotes friendships and removes sibling rivalry. Kids suffering from jaundice, eye sight disorders, breathing ailments and blood-related disorders are protected in the long run.

Healing properties of Pink Chalcedony
Owing to its powerful telepathic healing, Pink chalcedony is called the “Generosity Stone.” A person wielding the stone can detect every kind of issue and give solutions. It brings the power of mind, body and spirit into a central chakra. Its powerful healing and cleansing properties is used in meditation, especially when you are praying for others.
Wearing pink chalcedony makes you enthusiastic about new developments in life like a promotion, job change, marriage, new baby or relocation to a new place. The healing properties of pink chalcedony are associated with the following body parts:

  • Brain
  • Spleen
  • Liver
  • Gall bladder
  • Bones
  • Throat
  • Spine
  • Eyes
  • Tongue

Finding the right Pink Chalcedony
Pink chalcedonies are available in two forms: clear and spotted. The presence of iron oxide and manganese gives it a speckled look. Artificial polishing and resurfacing removes the speckles. Some varieties also have light bands inside their crystalline structure which look like dendrites.
Opt for a chalcedony in pink that comes from USA, Austria, Iceland, Mexico and UK. Russian and Brazilian varieties have brilliant speckles but are not considered as pure Pink chalcedony. In some cases, glass gemstones are passed into the black market and sold as Pink chalcedony. Always test the right chalcedony under Infra-red spectrum before buying.