A look top 7 Amazing facts about Pink Opal

Do you know why pink opal is so special in the collection of stones? As per the geologists, pink opal is one of the first rock gems to be spewed from the earth’s core. It took the pink opal many millenniums to appear as what they do today! Formed from the combination of silica and water, much like what sandstones are, the pink opals too are from same family. In fact, the stone is one of the most sensitive pieces to make it to the list. Here’s a rundown on 7 amazing facts about this beautiful stone.

Pink Opal: Peace and Penance Stone
If you are troubled by guilt of having done something wrong in the past and you doubt the retribution will come soon, wear the pink opal gemstone to reduce its effect. Often regarded as the soothing stone to mellow down the effect of the karmic retribution in life, pink opal really helps. It is rightly called the Penance stone.
Heart and Pink Opal
Pink opal is the most powerful gemstone associated with the Heart Chakra.  It heals the matter of heart and also the medical conditions associated with it. In fact, Romans used to adorn the pink opal gemstone beads to keep their romances away from interfering with the political affairs.
Achievement Stones
It is believed that the Pink opal is the blessing drop of the Gods. It is known to bring instant achievement and good fortune. Also called the Hope Stone, the ancient Egyptians crowned their Pharaohs with the gemstone when they undertook massive work of conquest and constructions.
Love Stone
Distance is hell for two people in love. The Love Stone has been tagged as the “Queen of Gems” by poets and bards. In fact, gemologists refer to the Pink Opal as a stone that has all the properties of every single gem. From opulence to lustrous appeal, the gemstone is extremely sensitive to heat on account of the high percentage of water in its internal crystalline structure.
Connecting with dreams
Dreams do come true. Do you have the faith in them? Are you working in the right direction to make realize them? In a bid to connect with your dream world and realize them, Pink Opal gemstone really works. Gem experts recommend the use of this stone only when you are ready to put honest efforts.
Hunger pangs and Weight issues
Are you struggling with your weight? Is it a big hurdle in your marriage and relationship? Well, wearing the pink opal gemstone controls your hunger pangs and boosts your stamina to workout. Weight issues can be resolved effectively as you continue to wear the gemstone. In addition to the weight issues, it also wards of the issues related to irregular heartbeat, stomach issues, diabetes and pancreas.
Inviting angels into life
Irrespective of your faith and beliefs, wearing the gemstone brings the helpful spirits and angels around you. They shield you against the negativity of your environment.