Pink topaz gemstone is the symbol of Eternity

Topaz is one of the most vibrant mineral rocks used in jewellery and decorations. It is a silicate mineral containing aluminium and fluorine traces. Topaz is naturally available in multiple hues like yellow, green, honey, amber gold and pink. The pink topaz gemstone bears a fascinating range of display. The sherry red topaz is a prized semi-precious stone that symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

The pink topaz gemstone is also called as the Imperial Topaz owing to the richly assortment of pink undertones and orange layers. The Egyptians and the Romans were one of the first civilizations to use pink topaz gemstone in their tombs and mausoleums. The topaz with pink hue remains unchanged even centuries after the processing and hence is considered a ‘symbol’ of eternity.

Imperial Topaz or the pink topaz gemstone is the Brazilian variety often accompanied by the golden tinge and champagne brown layers. Pink Topaz Beads are extensively used in jewellery. Pale topaz is often treated with violet and pink chemicals to make them look like the Imperial Topaz, but the effect of natural stone is hard to match synthetically. The synthetic pink topaz gemstone fades when exposed to sunlight for a very long time.

Geographical distribution

The pink topaz gemstone is mined from the following places on Earth.


  • Topaz Mountain, Utah, USA
  • Ural Mountain range, Russia
  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • Flinders Island
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • Pakistan


The size of the topaz crystals could range from a small sand grain to a mega-sized boulder weighing hundreds of pounds.

Origin of the name Topaz

The word Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘fire’ or ‘heat’. The original name of the stone is ‘Tapas’ in Sanskrit.

Uses of topaz

Topaz has been in use as a decorating stone for many centuries now. It has a special significance in the Christian history belonging to the Medieval Era. The pink topaz gemstone has found its way into the Biblical scriptures and the translations in many languages. The topaz is connected to many symbols in life and is used to provide faith by representing:


  • Womanhood and pristine beauty
  • New found love
  • Marriage desires
  • Eagerness to change behaviour
  • Praying for reunion of separated lovers/ parents
  • Experiences of Marital bliss
  • Nourish Motherhood
  • Overcome Aging issues
  • Enthusiasm to fight the Fear of medical treatment


How to test the clarity of pink topaz gemstone


Topaz from the pink family is usually very small in size. It is cut down from its boulder form into minute stones to cater to the market demands. You can always check the quality and clarity of the pink topaz gemstone by testing them under sunlight or Infrared. You can see small impurities of rutile that give it a cat-eye effect. It has a perfect cleavage in one direction and cravings on pink topaz gemstone are hard to achieve.