Ratna Sagar’s Quality Check to Reach Perfection

Perfection we believe doesn’t come the easy way. There’s a lot hard work involved and of course the people who are committed in producing this perfection deserve special mention.

For now we will discuss about Ratna Sagar Jewels, who are the ones committed in producing quality beads. This dedication is because they understand quantity that lacks quality can be treated as free in business. The consumer demands are running high these days and therefore what is needed is the deliverance of quality and perfect gemstone beads.

Ratna Sagar’s Quality Check to Reach Perfection

Here are the eight questions that you must ask as a buyer to make the right comparison and get the best for the value that you’re paying. Knowledgeable buyers are undoubtedly the best customers. These questions are also Ratna Sagar’s eight point guide to quality beads:

·     Drilling: Drilling of course has been ranked number one, therefore it holds a significant value. Ask questions about drilling; ask them if the holes go right through the center of the bead and if these beads are even and smooth all the way through.  This is because only perfectly centered holes allow the beads to line up smoothly in the strand and smooth holes do not have the tendency to cut or break thread. These are the two features that are important for initial sale and also to prevent returns.

·     Shape: Shape being the second major factor, check whether all the beads that you’re buying are well shaped and if all the flat bottoms have been removed. Also check whether the beads are symmetrical.  This is not only for the buyers but also for the suppliers; remember that your customers will check this, so you need to check first.

·     Polish and Cutting: Check closely if the beads have a high polish on them without any pits and rough spots. The gemstone that you either sell or buy is your property so make sure you check every little aspect of it before making the final decision. The gems that you’re buying should be micro cut.

·     Natural Colors: This is another important factor that needs your attention so you need to check if the gemstone beads are naturally colored or have they been dyed. Most translucent stones have been dyed and when you buy these same stones from us, what you will see is that none of them have been dyed and they are natural. Stay away from the beads that could bleed colors onto customers expensive clothes. Be extremely cautious in the case of Rose Quartz. Ratna Sagar sells no dyed beads.

·    Natural Materials: Ask the seller and also know for yourself if the materials that you’re buying are natural or synthetic. These days you’ll see a lot of cheap material piling up in the market and they do not appear to be synthetic. But only natural beads and no synthetic.

·    Length of the strand that is put into use: When it comes to comparing suppliers, make sure you measure the length of the strand. Small differences may also add up and affect the bottom line. Ratna Sagar uses strands that are perfectly 16 inches long.

·    Grade of the gem material: There is a range of color and clarity in gems we use - how strong the color is, and how clear the material is and free from inclusions. This is not an issue of quality as it is a matter of accurately describing the attributes of a material itself when you compare beads, compare beads of the same category. In tourmaline, for example, strong color, clarity and large size all contribute to higher prices. So you can't compare beads that are just tourmaline.

·    Reputation of manufacturer: Quality service is as important as quality merchandise. You'll find what good people we are to work with - knowledgeable, friendly, and fair.