Semi-Precious Gemstone Multiple Colours

Semi-precious series of gemstone in multiple shades are making a rage all over the world. Fresh, glittering and sleek designs in cuts and presentation are loved by both men and women. Today, the semi-precious gemstone multi coloured items are available in diverse sizes ranging between 1 and 7. Often worn with silver sterling or gold necklace, the semi precious gemstone in multiple colours are items of luxury today.

Popular semi-precious gemstones are:

  • Yellow citrine
  • Blue Topaz
  • Green peridot
  • Red garnet

Often regarded as the gems of the Forgotten Realms, the semi precious varieties of multi-coloured gemstones would invariably consist of following members:

  • Moonstones
  • Onyx
  • Orprase
  • Rosaline
  • Sardonyx
  • Bloodstone
  • Mellochrysos

Unlike the traditional precious gemstones, these varieties are more commonly found in the stone market at astonishingly affordable rates. What matters is the quality of finish. 
The multi-coloured semi-precious gemstones are used to either boost or wane the power of a higher gemstone. It often acts as an accessory to main stone. Semi-precious gemstones from multi-coloured varieties are recommended during the following situations:

  • Inauguration of your first home
  • Engagement ceremony but not marriage
  • Birth of first child
  • Shifting base on account of a new job or promotion
  • Seeking settlement on a long-standing financial issue
  • Resolution on a marital issue

Use of the semi-precious is not recommended if you are suffering from certain kind of chronic diseases, especially when you are already wearing a major gemstone. For instance,
Avoid wearing a peach moonstone if you are wearing red garnet, if you are diabetic. Both are antagonistic in nature and could cause ripple effect in your recovery from the ailment. In fact, the pairing actually aggravates the situation.
Colour matters

Different colours in the multi hued semi-precious gemstones bear different meaning. They align the chakras with the power of the Universe. If you are deficient in particular energy field, the gemstones will balance it with the natural source. Before buying or using a semi-precious gemstone from multi-coloured variety, always study about the dominance of the shade and its metaphysical properties.

  • Blue dominance: Fighting phobias in life, especially of the five elements. Also boosts the health of the heart
  • Yellow dominance: Directly linked to the health of the digestive system. It should be avoided if you have poor eye-sight
  • D. Black: Guaranteed protection against evil forces and intoxicating drugs
  • Rosaline pink: Aids in conception and childbirth. Avoid it if you have been diagnosed with androgenic hormone deficiency 
  • White: Dissipates doubt and confusion from mind, especially in the pregnancy term and post-surgical recovery 
  • Lilac: Enhances the fertility aura and builds an impressive communication channels between opposite sex
  • Green: Symbol of prosperity and youth. It should not be worn with any other stone. It is rated as a very powerful metaphysical stone that also relates to clairvoyance and intuition, especially among story-tellers and sailors.
  • Red: Recommended to those who have difficulty in sleeping or have been inflicted with severe back pain.