Sneak Peek Into the Properties of Garnet !

Ratna Sagar Jewels wishes all the January babies very Happy Birthday!!! You’re indeed true leaders for being in the first month of the Georgian calendar. Saturn is the ruling planet for the month of January and it constantly inspires you to stand as leader almost wherever you go in life. Ambition and diligence are your utmost traits and they contribute the most to your dynamite personality.

As far as the birthstone for the month of January is concerned it is the really beautiful and bold colored “Garnet”. This is particularly because January born people are believed to be vibrant and zestful; they are believed to

possess a fire within them. The fire however is associated with passion and the deep red color of the birthstone is a lucky aspect for them.

About the Garnet gemstone:

Garnet, which is a deep red colored gemstone, is a beauty in its own form. The red color of the gemstone is regarded as a color of passion, love and religion. Apart from the color, the gem is linked with luck and charm. This official red stone is auspicious and is chosen to be the birthstone for the month of January.


The stone is revered for the following properties:

· Stability

· Purity

· Regeneration

The meaningful gemstone is usually found in intense red and it resembles blood red seeds of pomegranate.

However one the strongest aspect of garnet is its capacity to heal physical wounds and spinal and cellular disorders. Further the gemstone is an excellent regenerator of DNA and it reenergizes blood, lungs and heart.