Something You Ought to Know about Iolite Gemstone Beads

Among the variety of gemstone beads, one that is lesser known yet beautiful is the Iolite Gemstone. Here in this blog there is everything you ought to know about the Iolite Gemstone Beads.

Something You Ought to Know about Iolite Gemstone Beads

The Gemstone.

The Iolite gemstone is a Blue Violet Gemstone which is a form of hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate. It is also referred to as cordierite and is a powerful gem possessing metaphysical properties and is used as a substitute gemstone for Blue Sapphire. The fact that it can be used as a substitute for Blue Sapphire makes it the most powerful Uparatna for the gemstone.

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Here are a few factors that describe the gem in a better manner:

Factor #1: Iolite Clarity. Pieces of Iolite are often considered imperfect because of inclusions. These are marks inside the gem made by other minerals, or fractures in the stone often caused by mishandling. Look for a gemstone that you can see through that doesn’t have many (if any) inclusions in the form of spots, scratches, or milky lines. The larger the piece of Iolite, the more likely it is that you’ll find inclusions. Large Iolite gemstones with great clarity are highly valuable.

Factor #2: Iolite Color. A valuable piece of Iolite will have a soft, saturated violet-blue color. Less valuable gems have a faded purple color, and at the lowest end of the scale, Iolite can be nearly white or transparent. The color of Iolite is considered to be quite soft compared to other blue gemstones such as Sapphires. If the gem is cut correctly, the pleochroism of Iolite will display three different colors of light – light blue, violet blue and a yellowish gray.

Factor #3: Iolite Usage. It is because of this that Iolite gets its reputation as a Guidance Stone. It is said to bring clarity to the wearer about their inner-quest, and can gently steer you in the right direction to fulfill your life purpose.

Aesthetically, Iolite is used in a variety of jewellery settings and is gaining in popularity as an engagement ring stone. It should always be placed in a protective setting and worn with care, as it is very fragile and will easily crack.

 In crystal healing, Iolite is said to soothe the emotions and calm a troubled mind. It is gentle, and works on the throat chakra to encourage true expression of the self. Additionally, it is an effective crystal to use with third-eye meditations as it can enhance psychic vision and concentration.