Tanzanite in Detail

Ever wondered what is the history and the phenomenon behind Tanzanite? If not until now, let’s try and throw some light on this exceedingly rare gemstone. 

The birthstone of December, Tanzanite gemstone is a newly added member in the kingdom of colored gemstones. Since the time of its discovery, this clear, saturated and brilliantly shining gemstone has received great praise and popularity. The color of the stone ranges from blue to violet-hues and they are pleochroic in nature. A finer quality of Tanzanite can rival sapphire; which makes this gemstone act as a substitute for sapphire. 

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This extraordinarily beautiful gemstone is named after its origin and sole location of mining, Tanzania. Another story behind the discovery of this beautiful gemstone ways back to 1967, a Masai tribesman named Ali Juuyawatu found a sparkling blue crystal on his dried fields and picked them up, he his therefore called ‘The Father of Tanzanite’.

You’ll all see tanzanite in deep blue color; however most of you won’t know that in their raw state they are orange-brown in color. Only after basic heat treatment does tanzanite get it popular blue tone transparency. Where Ali found these sparkling gems was the place struck by lightning and which resulted in a massive fire. 

It is not really the unmatched beauty of Tanzanite that allures people, but also the mystical and healing powers possessed by the gemstone. The stone is very much known and popular for transmutation of energy and for helping people in deep meditation. The gemstone is believed to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the blood of the wearer. 

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