Ten Things You Need To Know About Diamond Cutting

There may be a lot of articles and write-ups on diamonds and their cuts, but they are not written to enlighten the minds of the ordinary people. Such articles are generally written for professionals and are read by those, who want to study the structure of diamond and the process of its cutting in detail.

I am here to tell you some of the most important things related to diamond cutting; even if you are not professionally related to this field, you would surely understand these points and get a deep knowledge about this process:

1) Before cutting the diamond, diagrams are made to portray how it would be cut and what kind of a shape it would take.

2) More cuts the diamond has, higher is its price. When you look at different diamonds online, you fall in love with those that have the most perfect cuts on them. Generally, diamonds are charged or priced depending upon the number of cuts they have.

3) Table cut, point cut, old European cut diamond and old single cut are some of the most beautiful diamond cut diagrams that are still used a lot in the market. Sometimes, people give orders to get diamonds cut in the mentioned patterns.

4) The diamond cutters are the individuals, who take care of the shape and size of the diamonds. They are free to create the shape as well as size, depending upon their understanding or demand in the market. They are the main brains behind the concept of diamond cutting.

5) The symmetry of the diamond needs to be appropriate, if the diamond cutter wants to sell the diamond at a higher price. Unless the symmetry of the diamond is proper, none of the customers are interested in buying it.

6) The diamond cutters have special ways and talents in which they get into the process of diamond cutting. Unless they are trained and well-skilled, they are not taken for this job. Cutting the diamond is no piece of cake; therefore, one needs to be extremely professional and experienced in doing so.

7) Marquise cut is an extremely popular diamond cut, which is adored by most of the diamond lovers in the market. If you like this cut, you can call yourself to be one of the Rich and the Famous, since most of the classy people prefer this cut.

8) There are some people, who like raw diamonds. Even though these diamonds are not cut, they are shaped to meet the demands of such customers.

9) Huge diamonds are also discovered in the mine. For such diamonds, fancy cuts are preferred. Such cuts have too many facets.

10) There is also something known as a Heart Cut diamond, which is a symbol of romance. Such diamonds are generally gifted on Valentine’s Day or special romantic days in the lives of different people.

Diamond cutting is an extremely difficult process and has to be done with a lot of care.