The Carnelian Gemstone - Its Properties and Uses

The vibrant, semi-precious gemstone, popular with crystal lovers known for its powerful properties is called the Carnelian gemstone. This gemstone is recognizable for its dark brown-red color due to the presence of iron oxide in its chemical composition. Few even trace it back as a birthstone for the zodiac signs Leo and Virgo.

Carnelian Gemstone Beads - Carved Leaf

The Properties of Carnelian Gemstone:

  • The physical and chemical property of Carnelian differentiates it from another gemstone called Sard. The Sard gemstone is found as mineral sediment of quartz and is somewhat harder than Carnelian.
  • Earlier the stone was called “Carnelian Agate” and was available in the form of deep red, dark brown and white shades. 
  • It has a molar mass of around 60g/mol, and it preserves a crystal system which comes under the category of trigonal.
  • This translucent gemstones undergoes a form of artificial heating such that the color can be called for a better commercial sale.


The Metaphysical Properties of Carnelian:

  • The gemstone promotes courage and boldness.
  • Creates a sense of stability in the wearer.
  • It proves to be a good stone for those who’re lacking confidence and inner security.
  • It is known to enhance creativity.
  • Increases the level of motivation and drive.
  • Stimulates appetite.

Other than these there are other known metaphysical qualities of the gemstone which make it a popular crystal for the lovers of gemstone beads.

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