The Factors that Help Determine Your Ring Size

Rings are the perfect ornament for men and women; however the number of women who love wearing rings is more than the number of men who’re interested in wearing rings. While you may choose from the simplest to the fanciest rings, you’ll never really be satisfied with just one. You might as well desire a gemstone ring for your wedding day or for your engagement. 

While choosing the ring of your choice there are certain things that need to be takes care. Determining the size of the ring is just as important as choosing the gemstone, the metal, style and the design. This can really be a challenge if the ring is a surprise for your loved ones. Here are the four major factors that help in determining the size of the ring:

  • The atmospheric conditions: Atmospheric conditions here refer to the cold and hot weather which has its effects on our hands. While the winters, the fingers might just shrink a little, in the hot weather they often show a little expansion. The ring size should be determined keeping in mind the weather conditions. 
  • Daytime: Just like the atmospheric conditions, the ring size may show certain variations from morning to night. The best time however to measure your ring size should be in the evening.
  • Weight: Weight is another important factor that determines the ring size. During the stages of pregnancy, swelling and weight gain is a normal thing to happen. This however does not mean that the weight gain has become permanent and the original ring size will soon be back to normal after pregnancy. 
  • Hands matter: It is important to know that the fingers of your left and right hand are of different sizes. While trying to measure the ring size, you should probably try fitting it on to the knuckle (the widest art of your finger). A ring that fits comfortably to the knuckle is the one that best fits you. 

Rings add beauty to your hands and the one that best fits you should be your last choice. While choosing rings can be a challenge, it can also turn into an easy thing if you take note of the factors that have been mentioned above.