The Impact of Gemstones to succeed in Bollywood and Modeling World

Good luck is yearned for by everyone under the sun, and the Gemstones are believed to be the shortest route to achieve it. It is scientifically proven that Gemstones have a living energy which heals an individual’s metaphysical abnormalities. People think that this energy leads to achieving their Luck factor. There are thousands of Gemstones existing in the world, and each one has its own specialty.

Gemstone Beads


Numerous Vedic gurus and astrologers have recommended the use of Gemstones to many movie stars and super models according to their birth details. There are so many examples of the renowned personalities who have ended up appearing in many TV shows, feature films, reality shows and even on the international ramps just by believing in the super power of their adhered Gemstones that have brought luck into their career. Their ‘Lucky Charms’ always remain with them like a ‘co-coordinator.' Show business in which the glamor, fame, money and high living are mandatory pillars, success has a temporary and unstable nature. One wrong decision can bring up years of distress onto anybody belonging to this glamorous Dias of performances. Bollywood and the modeling world are the living examples of this trend where we can always see the film fraternity blindly depending on their Lucky Charms. According to the Hindu system of Astrology or the Vedic Astrology, the luck of a person depends on the position of the houses which are determined at the exact time of his or her birth. These houses have various numbers which cover several areas defining the luck factor of the individual. They are:

  • The first house or the ascendant
  • The second house of speech and earned wealth
  • The fifth house of entertainment and creativity
  • The sixth house of debts, enemies, competition and diseases
  • The ninth house of fortune and fate
  • The tenth house of recognition, rewards, and career
  • The eleventh house of income, fame, acceptance and network

Each person has a connection with one of the eight planets of the solar system, and each planet has, in turn, a connection with the Gemstone beads as well as the houses. For example, the people who have a weaker Venus are recommended to wear diamonds so that the gem can improve their personality as well as creativity. The other planets affecting the fate of an individual are Mars, Mercury, Rahu, Neptune, and Saturn.