The Mighty Green Emerald or Panna and Its Aspects in Gem Therapy

Green Emerald or the Panna is a popular signifier of the memory, speech, intellect wisdom and the power of intuitions. It represents analytical capability, generosity as well as the mentality or the nature of an individual. The green emerald is known to develop inquisitiveness and the thirst to gain more knowledge which is essential for the aesthetic growth of an individual. A person having mercury by his or her side can shine in the platforms of politics and intellectuality. Mercury according to the astrology is the ruling planet for the Gemini and Virgo. The positive position of the planet directly falls into the field of computers, banking, trade, and commerce. Mercury is the reason behind an individual's sharp thinking and intelligence. It is placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses of one's birth chart.

Green Emerald Gemstones

Emerald, when worn as a ring or pendant, it creates an aura of the planet mercury. The wearer absorbs that aura and implements the positivity in people’s work life as well as daily life. Gradually, the regular implementation of the energy will result in the improvement of the luck factor of the individual and people will feel energetic in every aspect of their life. Emerald is extremely beneficial for the students of trade and commerce, so, the students, the accountants, and the traders wear them exclusively.

The Benefits of Wearing Green Emerald

  • When combined with other stones, green emerald can prove to be beneficial to provide success to an individual in the matters of competitive exams, commerce, and trade.
  • Green emerald enhances the possibility of promotion and prosperity and also aesthetic development in an individual.
  • As per the popular belief, green emerald cures the following physiological disorders like paralysis, pancreatitis, meningitis, hypertension, brain tumor, and other carcinogenic ailments.
  • Green emerald is mostly worn in gold metal to get best results out.

 The Green emerald is worn by the professionals belonging to:

  • Writing
  • Administration
  • Academics
  • Law and order
  • Banking
  • Medical science
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Politics
  • Trade and commerce
  • Management
  • Travel and tourism
  • Shipping
  • Publishing
  • Spiritual thinking
  • Self-employment