The Mystery behind the Blue to Green stone – Turquoise

If you’re born in the month of December and all around you was snow, then, you should put your head on the Turquoise Blue. The stone will bring you success in whatever you tend to do.

The opaque, blue-to-green mineral is called turquoise. It has been the ornamental stone for years owing to its unique hue. Unlike all the other stones, Turquoise is one stone that appears in all the heavenly colors, varying from aqua blue to light azure green.

From the ancient time the wise men and healers have believed that gemstones have mystical powers in them, turquoise being one of them. It was frequently used for amulets because of the mystic virtues of the beauty that it possesses. It is said that the stone cures headache and its color changes when its owner is in danger. Well, the mysteries still remain and nothing in particular is crystal clear about the stone.

Turquoise Blue

The beautiful stone-turquoise possesses the properties of prosperity and success with qualities of protection, strengthening and regeneration. Turquoise is also believed to be an anti-inflammatory, this also enhances communication skills and keeps the calm of your body and mind. Well, too much of it can cause one to become fussy and egocentric, too little of t can make one become secretive and confused.

The tints of the color of turquoise have a sweet feminine feel in it. The darker shades of turquoise has a more sophisticated feel which are often used to represent water ad often call aqua and aquamarine. A perfect blend of the colors that make Turquoise ass a lot to its beauty.