The Physical and Emotional Healing Associated with Citrine

The dull yellow colored stone that is expected to carry the power and warmth of the sun is a life giving and an energizing stone. The stone stimulates the chakras of the sunlight and bring clarity in though and stirs the soul to take the right action. The frequency of the stone awakens creativity, imagination and also sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into a tangible form. The pure yellow energy that Citrine emits encourages fullness in life and fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Various powers are associated with the citrine gemstone. Let us just carry forward the discussion with the physical and the emotional properties that are associated with it.

Physical Energy Associated with Citrine:

Citrine enhances the physical stamina of the wearer and brings positive energy, supports the endocrine system and also encourages metabolism. Citrine shows positive outcome in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and may also aid in reversing degenerative diseases. It is also thought to balance the thyroid and facilitate the diminishment of growth.

Natural Citrine is beneficial in eliminating infections of the kidney and bladder, and in the treatment of bed wetting, particularly in young adults. As an elixir, Citrine relieves menstrual and menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, hormone imbalance and the alleviation of fatigue. It may also be used for nausea and vomiting, and morning sickness. 

The Physical and Emotional Healing Associated with Citrine

Emotional Energy Associated with Citrine:

The citrine gemstone opens the higher mid of the wearer; mind which is open to accept joy in one’s life, releasing all reasons of anger and negativity. It is an excellent crystal for overcoming depression and also reduces the sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity of self expression. It raises the self-esteem and lets go off the past allowing you to move forward optimistically, enjoying new experiences and expressions.

As far natural citrine is concerned, it is a powerful purifier of one’s will center, helping you to identify and heal various issues of power abuse and all feelings of helplessness. It brings about fortitude that is needed to make difficult decisions and take actions.

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