The Road to the City of Sapphires is Paved with Yellow Brick!

Have you ever heard of the city of Sapphires? If  No, then let us introduce you to one.

The city of Sapphires is the imagination and fantasy of every ordinary person like you and me. Sapphires which is a associated with Dignity, Loyalty and  is a symbol of  Royalty.

Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors, ranging from vibrant blue of the midnight sky, to the darker shade of navy blue of  the midnight sky, the yellow reflections of the sun, the pink shade of dawn and dusk. What is generally called the Israel-Diamonds offer some unusual colors such as purple, orange, green and black.

Sapphires are the strongest hardest stones after diamonds and they also give a hard impression of royalty. They are made to undergo heat treatment to five them color and clarity.

The Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj in common language is a strong stone and is associated with fertility and good marriage. As the stone is connected to Jupiter which is associated with the virtues of luck and prosperity. The sapphire propels a person towards luck and prosperity. It is expected to bring you fortunes in the field of teaching, business, law and trade.

Dreaming about the Yellow Sapphire indicates escapism from danger. It is a vivacious stone, re-energizing the emotional system. It helps a person feel more excited and joyful about all the possibilities that life has to offer and it encourages ones ideas and expressions with a feeling of confidence. It aids in overcoming fears and procrastination helping you to lead a life by taking continuous risks and still succeeding.

Yellow Sapphire

On a whole the mysteries continue to remain and Yellow Sapphire is sitting on the throne of  “Minister of All” since it is connected to the planet Jupiter which is portrayed as the educator of all the heavenly bodies prevailing in the universe.