The Sensational Kashmir Sapphire

Sapphires are truly the most sensational gemstones after diamond; the hardness of these gemstones is one factor but their brilliance and shine is just any other thing that makes these gemstones beautiful.

Sapphire is just not any ordinary gemstone, it has the widest color range and a jewelry choice is brilliant and perfect. You may choose to wear your sapphire in the form of a ring, or a necklace or just earrings; and with each accessory you can be sure that you’re getting a phenomenal look.

Most of us already know that sapphires are costly and perfect, but Kashmir Sapphire has become the new sensation and this absolutely stunning piece is something that you can’t afford to stop talking about. Auctioned at Geneva’s Christie’s Auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels on 13th May, the gorgeous sapphire and a perfect diamond ring broke the record and taking the auction price to a total of $97.5 million.

Kashmir Sapphire has now set a world record by being sold for $7.3 Million or $209,689 per carat to an Asian private bidder. This immeasurably stunning and blushing 35.09-carat cushion-shaped blue sapphire was studded in an incredible ring. In addition to irreplaceable sapphire, we find dazzling triangular-cut side diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds.



The sapphire exhibits a breathtaking silky blue hue which is comparable to that only of peacock feathers. Kashmir sapphires are rare and highly regarded for their deep color saturation, immaculate clarity and purity. The existence of sapphires gemstone beads was first discovered in 1881. The discovery took place in Northwest Himalayas.

The news of Kashmir Sapphire is definitely breathtaking and a stone like this is something that we all would love to have. But, Alas! The Asian Bidder has if for now.

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