The Sillimanite Gemstone - Adding More to Ratna Sagar’s Collection

Ratna Sagar has a huge collection of gemstone beads, each of which has been beautifully cut and carved into shapes that are unique and beautiful. They’re constantly coming up with new gemstones and shapes, thus giving you a large variety to choose from. Several stones you've heard of, while several are still waiting to be known; Ratna Sagar this Monday has a new gemstone to talk about. The gemstone we’re talking about is ‘Sillimanite’.

Here in this blog we’ll discuss about Sillimanite in detail. This detailed description of the gemstone would include its history, occurrence and features.

Sillimanite Gemstone Beads - Flat Pear Briolette

Most of you might know the gemstone as an alumino-silicate mineral; it is named after the American chemist Beniamin. The Sillimanite gemstone was first correctly described in the year 1824. Its occurrences then were in Chester, Connecticut, USA and Middlesex Country. 

Here are the Key features of the gemstone that might interest you:

Color: The color of the gemstone varies from white, brown, and green.

Luster: The gemstone has a slightly silky appearance or it may be vitreous on other instances. 

Transparency: The crystal may vary from transparent to translucent.

Streak: The streak of the gemstone is white in color.

• Hardness: The hardness of the gemstone is 7.5 in larger crystals; however the fibrous forms of the gemstone are softer.

The Sillimanite gemstone crystals available at Ratna Sagar Jewels are high on their quality. Here at Ratna Sagar Jewels, this gemstone is available in a number of shapes allowing you to choose the best for yourself.

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