The Touch of the Flame of Sulpur – Yellow Opal

The combination of silica and water that flowed into the rocks and the spaces in the ground formed something that is unique in every sense of the word and is commonly referred to as Opal. The material is then gradually made to harden itself and solidify itself.

 Opal contains water which gives it its property of  heat sensitivity. Otherwise the stone is soft and it it is easy to crack and chip it off. One basic need of Opal is to store it in moist absorbent cotton.

People who are emotional are advised to keep a category of Opal which is called Yellow Opal. The category that we are talking about in this article is Yellow Opal and it is a stone of ‘Emotional Stability’. It is generally used to amplify the positive emotions in a person and is also useful in balancing the crown chakra.

Since years the stone is symbolic of emotional stability and the ancient Romans even associated the stone with good luck and hope. Since for ages it has been called the stone of hope , the stone is a great achievement and is therefore even called the stone of the Gods.

 It is a soft Yellow stone with dark inclusions. Yellow Opal is generally preferable to people of Zodiac Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. The Water and the Earth element that this stone has makes this stone fit for healing purpose and in bringing back the lost emotional stability.

Opal… Which is made up of the glories of the most precious stones that are known to mankind. To describe it is a matter off inexpressible difficulty. There is in it a gentle fire that Ruby has, the brilliant purple of the Amethyst, the sea-green of the Emerald, all of this shining together in an incredible union. This incredible union has given birth to Yellow Opal where you see the bright light shining and the flame of sulphur.

 A stone that is incredible in every sense of the word and is wondrous by nature.

Yellow Opal