Things to Consider Before Buying Gemstones!

These days, gemstone jewellery has become quite trendy among people! Both men and women are equally passionate to wear gemstones jewellery, thanks to their mesmerizing brilliance and suitability for every occasion, no matter, it is traditional or contemporary. However, before buying any gemstone jewelry, you need to consider following important things.

 Things to Consider Before Buying Gemstones!


Clarity of the stone in layman words is the flawlessness of the stones. It reflects the workmanship on the stone. The more clear and blemish less the stone is, the more will its clarity be. Absence of marks and inclusions also is checked to determine the clarity of precious or semi-precious gemstone.


The cut of the stone is what evaluates and determines its value. A precision cut gemstone with proportioned facets is a hallmark of a finished gem that exudes superior color, brilliancy and light reflection.


The rich color appeals to the eyes as much as it captivates the heart. The color of a g

emstone is rated by it’s intensity and saturation. The more vivacious the color is the more does the gemstone cost. A gemstone whose color is bright in the medium range with no hint of cloudiness is considered as superior quality.


The carat with respect to gemstones refers to the unit weight of the precious stone. One carat is equal to 0.200 grams. Bear in mind that just the size does not determine the quality and cost of gemstones. A sapphire that is heavier in weight but is badly cut or has numerous flaws is bound to be cheaper than a smaller specimen that is more perfect.


Avoid buying gemstones that have been treated extensively. Several stones are dyed or filled with color in order to mask blemishes or other flaws. A natural stone is more precious than those that undergo heat treatments to enhance color.


Yet another important factor that determines the quality of a gemstone, transparency refers to the amount of light that is diffused through the stone. The more transparent that the gemstone is the more valuable will it be.