This is for the Gemstone Lovers- Garnet

It makes no difference if you’re a woman of  sixty six or sixteen years, what creates a difference is whether you have an affinity for gemstones or not. Well, we actually believe that all women have their flair for gemstones and they love to collect colorful gemstones in their jewelry box. But what if you have them all and no Garnet in your jewelry box??

If this is the case then definitely there is something big missing in your life- it the color, the shine, beauty and the grace that comes from wearing and owning a garnet. Are you now dying to own this beautiful garnet gemstone and thereafter enjoy and flaunt its jewelry?

This is for the Gemstone Lovers- Garnet

The deep-red gemstone that you once saw in the display could be yours. Where can you get it at the best possible price, could be your next question? The answer to which is Ratna Sagar Jewels. They are the wholesalers of beautiful and colored gemstone beads. If you’re fond of Garnet like no other gemstone, then you are definitely a lover of gemstone beads.

Garnet is undoubtedly one of the most admired among the various colored gemstones because of its rich color. Garnet and in particular red garnet was known as carbuncle stone in the middle ages. Most of the world’s supply of the gem comes from South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Arizona in the United States, Myanmar in Burma, Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania.

The color of garnet is most commonly red; this is why people assume that all garnets are red in color. Only a few people are aware that the garnet gemstone is also available in orange and green shades. Some garnets may also have a slightly blue color; which was discovered in Madagascar. Some of these gems show a rare color changing effect and the color changes from blue-green in daylight to purple in artificial light. This property of the gemstone is due to the presence of a high amount of Vanadium in it. Other Garnets may also change their color depending on the light condition.

Other than the colors of the gemstone, garnet is also admired for its hardness and shape. As far as the harness of the stone is considered, it reaches 7 to 7.5 on Moh’s scale. Another quality that is responsible to garnet to stand on a higher platform than all the other stones is its shape- rhombic dodecahedron-a twelve-side crystal with diamond-shaped faces. This is the exact and the perfect shape, garnets are known for.

Only the lovers of the gemstone will understand how proud they feel with the jewelry made of Garnet Gemstone beads. This is one stone which has always been admired.