Top 10 Healing Properties of Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine gemstone’s unique name is derived from the Latin word which means Water of Sea.  A look at it is enough to justify the name. Its bluish green color reminds you of the sea water. The stone from ages is known for its powerful healing qualities. Let us take a look at top 10 healing properties of Aquamarine.

1.  In the ancient times, sailors and voyagers used to keep the stone with them while going to sea as it is believed to save them from storms and show them way in hard times. It is also believed to bring good luck.

2.  Aquamarine gemstone is very effective in treating respiratory system related diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, cough etc.

Aquamarine gemstone

3.  It is quite helpful in treating chronic allergies. It helps to get quick relief from fever, cold and severe sinus condition.

4.  It is considered as the finest healing stone. It is very effective in countering infection. It is successfully used in treating sore throat, teeth and gum related problems.  It regulates the growth of hormones keeping individual healthy.

5.  It is effective in treating skin related diseases. It not only cures the skin related problems but also makes sure that it doesn’t reoccur. It is believed to prevent eruption of herpes. It supports in the healing of inflammatory disease like pimples, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, shingles etc. 

6.  Placing Aquamarine beads on eyelids for 15 minutes before going to bed, soothes the tiring eyes. It also helps the person to get a very good sleep. If a person is facing problem with vision, keeping it on eyelids for 25 minutes every day will restore the vision.

7.  The stone helps in emotional cleansing. It helps people to get rid of negative thinking pattern that held them back from moving forward in life. The aquamarine gemstone helps people to get complete rid of this old habit and move forward in life. Its powerful energy also helps the person to understand the reason of negative thought patterns.

8.  The stone is considered to be very useful for couples. Most relationship break-up because of lack of trust, infidelity and ego. The Aquamarine gemstone bead if worn in jewelry by both the couples ensures that there is never an ego tussle in the couples. It helps them to stay loyal to each other. The gentle energy of stone ensures that there is a strong level of understanding, commitment and love between them.

9.  The stone is very good for parents. It helps them to better understand the need of kids. It ensures that parents don’t overburden the kid with their expectations. The burden of exception and over judgmental attitude of parents results in children getting into depression. The Aquamarine Gemstone saves from such situation. It ensures children’s have a normal happy childhood.

10.  It is one of the few stones that are perfect for everyone. You don’t need to consult an astrologer to adorn it. If you are looking for good luck, peace, love and security in life then get aquamarine gemstone without a second thought.