Top 15 Interesting Facts about Carnelian Gemstone Beads

Carnelian gemstone is known as the stone of ultimate powerhouse of motivation and endurance. The shade of the stones varies from light orange to dark orange. It is also available in pink, red, dark grey and pale orange. Here we are going to tell you some interesting facts about these beautiful gemstones.

1.  In the ancient times, the warriors wore Carnelian gemstones around arms or neck as it was believed that the stone gives abundant physical power to conquer the enemies.


2.  The alchemist in Egypt used the stone to activate the energy of Chalcedonies.

3.  In the ancient times, the stone was used for stopping plague.

4.  The stone was referred to as “the setting sun”, in ancient Egyptian culture. Its orange color was believed to represent female energy while red hues represented male energy. The stone was worn by both the sexes to enhance hidden desire, passion and love.

5.  The Carnelian is very helpful for people from diverse fields as it evokes creativity thus it is widely used by architects, interior designers, musicians and writers. Sports person and defense personal gets benefited by its quality of increasing power and stamina. It acts as a motivation sources for students, competition aspirants and athletes

6.  The Carnelian gemstone is considered as the talisman for success. It will make you a big success in any kind of financial venture.

7.  Carnelian gemstone beads in jewellery helps ward off work pressure. It also ensures that you have cordial relationship with your boss and colleagues. Also, it saves you from unwanted expectations from upper management.

8.  Singers love wearing Carnelian gemstone beads rings, it is believed that it soothes and clarifies energy levels. It gives them tremendous confidence during live stage performance. It is the reasons that even anchors and actors love wearing it during live shows.

9.  The construction workers, electricians, plumbers and people whose work involves a lot of danger keep Carnelian in their pocket. The stone saves them from falling or accidents with tools.

10.  It is a wonderful stone to be kept at home. It forms an invisible protective shield around your home that guards the home from theft, natural calamities, fire and accidents.


11.  The orange Carnelian represents fertility and potency. Childless couple will be blessed with kids if they start wearing the stone in jewellery, it will also bring them physically and mentally closer.

12.  The stone helps people to easily accept changes in life. It puts a stop to day dreaming and inspires people to carve out their own fortune. The divine guidance makes even an impossible goal a reality. 

13.  It is used for treating varicose veins, boils, hemorrhoids and skin irritation. It also improves blood flow that revitalizes energy.

14.  The pinkish orange Carnelian is knows as a stone of relationship. It brings family together. It strengthens the bond between husband and wife and parents and children.

15.  Carnelian gemstone beads keep egos, envies and misunderstanding miles away from the family.