Top 15 Interesting & Fun Facts about Your Favorite Gemstones

1.  Sapphire is the only gemstone that comes in all colors of rainbow. Next time when you go to buy sapphire beads then get them in your favorite rainbow color.

2.  The largest diamond is known as Hope Diamond. The deep blue diamond weights 4.25 carat. The diamond is kept in world famous Smithsonian museum, which is counted among most visited Muslim Museum.

3.  Citrines & Amethysts are made from the same mineral. Well, the difference is only in the color. The interesting thing is that extensive heating changes its color to other.

4.  The blue violet Tanzanites is known for its attractive shade, but most of you would be surprised to known that when it is extracted from the earth it is colorless. It is heat treated to get the beautiful blue violet tanzanite. 

5.  Well, Diamond Crater National Park, Arkansas gives you the chance to dig diamond. Well, most of you would be planning to book a flight and fly to Arkansas for a diamond hunt.

6.  The stunning Lolite Gemstone is often confused with Tanzanite Gemstone and Sapphire. It is a popular alternate for expensive Sapphire and Tanzanite. The only thing you need to take care is that never clear the gem with ultrasonic cleaners available in the market. The chemicals available in it can destroy the sheen of the Lolite.

Tanzanite Gemstone

7.  The two very popular stones Emerald & Aquamarine gemstones are made from the same mineral. Some of you might be wondering why there is so much difference in the price.

8.  Once Amethyst Gemstones were considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones on the earth, but the equation changed overnight when huge reserves of it was found in Brazil.

Amethyst gemstone beads

9.  Black Onyx is not natural gemstone but it is dyed black. It is the reason it should be cleaned very carefully using mild clearness otherwise it will expose the brown and orange Sardonyx.

10.  The toughest gemstone is none other gem that is known as girl’s best friend Diamond. The softest is Amber. There is another interesting thing about Amber, it got the unique name from Greeks because it when rubbed together formed static electricity. 

11.  In the ancient times women used to wear opal beads in hair to protect the color of the blonde hair. Well, some of you would surely be thinking to try it.

12.  It is believed that a lot of Sapphire Gemstone sunk with the iconic Titanic.

13.  Garnet got its name from the seed of the famous fruit pomegranate.

14.  Quartz and Tourmalines stones produce electrical charge when heated. The other interesting thing about tourmaline is that it attracts dust when exposed to hot lights.

15.  The Gem Mountain is famous place in North Carolina known to have colorful gemstones. What makes the place interesting is the fact that you can dig for moonstones, citrines, garnet, emerald, aquamarine etc here, so how about getting ready for some real gemstone exploring adventure.