Top 3 Must Tips To Follow While Buying Gemstone

Success and happiness are things that everyone is running after in today’s date. In today’s busy lives where there is trouble and suffering all around, success has almost become a relative concept. However, many people have found out alternate ways by means of which they can pave the way towards success. It is often said that gemstones are some of the major turning factors that can bring success, happiness and prosperity in the lives of individuals. In this context, it is crucial to note that any gemstone would not work for any person. It is crucial to get the right gemstone suitable for every individual. Moreover, wearing the stone on the correct finger also brings a huge difference. 

1 - Gemstones According To Planet:

Different gemstones are related to different planets. People, who are related to a particular planet will benefit from the gemstone that is related to his planet. Ruby is ideal for planet sun, pearl is for moon. In a similar way, emerald beads signifies Mercury, Red corals beads is good for planet Mars. While yellow sapphire Gemstone matches with Jupiter, diamond is ideal for Venus and Blue sapphire is ideal for Saturn. Therefore, before going for any gemstone, it is important for you to know the planet to which you belong. This in turn will help you in identifying the ideal gemstone suitable for you.

In order to maximize the effect of a particular planet, you need to wear the gemstone associated with the planet. On the basis of that, you can look forward to obtaining happiness and success. 

2 - Determining The Ideal Finger:     

Moreover, different gemstones should be worn in different fingers in order to get maximum effects from the same. Wearing a particular stone on a wrong finger can lead to negative effects or it can show no result, at all. Hence, you should be careful.

Index finger- This is the ideal finger for Jupiter. Therefore, when you wear yellow sapphire, you should wear it in your index finger.

Middle finger- This finger is related to Saturn, Rahu and Venus. Therefore, the related gemstones namely blue sapphire, hessonite and diamond respectively should be worn in the middle finger.

Ring finger- This finger belongs to the Planet Sun and Mars. Therefore, the related stones like Ruby and Red coral should have a place in this finger.

Small finger- This finger is related to Mercury, Venus, Moon and Ketu. Thus, the gemstones respectively Emerald, diamond, pearl and cat’s eye should be worn in this finger. 

3 - Consulting An Astrologer:

However, an astrologer is one of the best persons to consult with because he can give you an idea of the planet you belong and the gemstone you require. At the same time, he will even warn you from wearing a gemstone that might be malicious for your plant, as a whole. Therefore, these are important considerations that you need to take seriously. 

With these ideas you can look forward to wearing the necessary gemstones and change your fortune forever. You will feel contended and satisfied.