Top 4 Amazing Benefits & Facts about Sunstone Oregon Gemstone

Sunstone Oregon is an extremely unique stone, with an unusual appearance. The moment you look at it, there are various vibes that you get through your eyes, which go deep into your body. You feel charged up by its mere look. This is because it has a very refreshing color. Its subtle appearance makes your life smooth enough to keep it calm as well as balanced.

But this is not the only thing about this stone; there are many things that are yet to be known to the ordinary people. Read below to know about the top four things related to this beautiful gemstone:

1) It is available in blue color as well: We are sure you don’t know this, but this beautiful stone is available in the shade of blue as well. There is no other stone that looks as pretty as this one, since it takes you back into the memories of Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. In fact, its color is far better than any other colorful diamond on Earth!

2) It has the healing properties of sun: Sun is the biggest healer; if someone really wants to get rid of his depression or be out of his troubles, he needs to work on his Solar Plexus, which is the fifth Chakra in the body. This yellow chakra has a lot of healing properties. But in order to heal this chakra, you need to wear sunstone Oregon. When you wear this stone, you get all the energies that are present in the sun; you are surrounded by motivational energies that inspire you to do good things in life.

3) It motivates you to be out of stress: Every individual you meet is in stress today; while some are able to manage their stress, there are others that are unable to do so. Those, who are unable to manage the stress in their lives, find it difficult to cope up with different things. This is where they need some support and that’s exactly where stones come into the picture for them. With the help of Sunstone Oregon beads, they not only get rid of their stress, but find enough motivation and strength to fight with anything that comes in the way. This stone makes their mind clear enough to find ways out of their problems.

4) It helps in getting rid of SAD disorder: SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is also known as winter blues or summertime sadness. The moment the season changes, the one who suffers from this disorder, feels extremely disturbed. Some of the doctors also suggest such individuals to wear the sunstone Oregon, so that they can control this disorder in their lives. Since this stone has enough energy to balance and channelize the energies in the body of the wearer, there are no chances of him going through the problem of SAD disorder. It helps in controlling mood swings and depression as well.