Top 4 Gemstones for People Born Under Cancer Sun Sign

If you were born under the sun sign of Cancer, you can choose from plenty of gemstones for you. Cancer people are caring and gentle, and the birthstones identified for this sun sign balances the characteristics traits. These birthstones serve as a lucky charm, and it can help in keeping the emotional serenity under control. You must be aware of the different gemstones for cancer being born between 21st June and 22nd July. Once you have a list, making a choice, as per the suitability will be easier for you.
List Of Cancer Birthstones:

As mentioned, there are lots of lucky birthstones for cancer. In this article, you can take a look at four top stones that you might try.

1.  Emerald:

It is a traditional birthstone of Cancer. Apart from that, it is also the birthstone of the people born in June. In fact, the green variety is the lucky color for all Cancerians. It can help in bringing balance in life. Emerald Gemstone Beads are believed to carry the power of emotional wellbeing for the individual wearer. In addition to that, if you wear this stone, it can bring in clairvoyance, a talent which is unthinkable of many men and women of this sun sign.

Emerald Gemstone Beads

2.  Pearl:

This is the ideal birthstone in terms of both western and Vedic astrology. Unlike other gemstones, this cancer stone is not a geological effect, but marine activities that take place inside the shells. The shiny and round Pearl Gemstone Beads are lucky, and is said to strengthen relationships and marriages. In addition to that, it can even keep your children safe from any kinds of threats or dangers.

3.  Moonstone:

This is again a well known birthstone of Cancer in terms of astrology. It is the ideal birthstone for the month of June. The opalescent variety is the most suitable stone for Cancer, and you will benefit from it by wearing it. In fact, there are several ancient beliefs pertaining to Moonstone Beads, where the stone was solidified by the rays of the moon. Moon is the ruling planet of the cancer, and hence moonstone is the planetary stone. It can cure anxiety and even stimulate clairvoyance. Often, it is also said to act as the stone of security.

4.  Ruby:

Ruby is the traditional stone associated with this sun sign. It can focus on the energies of the planet and bring in positive vibes. Apart from that, the stone can bring vitality, strength, courage and confidence. It can be used to enhance energy and bring in success. Happiness and joy are also associated with this stone. Ruby Gemstone Beads are also known to have several healing properties. Therefore, it is effective for healing blood and infection while increasing the positive thoughts and patterns in the wearer.

Ruby Gemstone Beads

Now that you know the 4 most important birthstones for Cancer, you can definitely try out the one that suits you the best. In this context, you can also talk to an astrologer and get the necessary recommendations on the same.