Top 4 Trendy Gemstones for Engagement Ring

The time has come up to give a skip to diamond and try out some other gemstone for the engagement ring. Let us take a look at top 4 gemstones that are in trend during this wedding season.

1.  Garnet:

The garnet comes in an array of colors. The most popular being the red garnet. The other colors that you will come across in the stone include green, yellow, pink, black, brown and the colorless variety. It gives the couples a chance to choose garnet according to engagement trousseau or theme of the big day. The stone measure 6.5 to 7.5 on mahs scale, which is considered to be pretty good for the gemstone. The cost is another factor that goes into the favor of Garnet beads, it is very much affordable. The money saved on the engagement ring can be used on planning a lavish wedding.


2.  Pearl:

Pearl is one of the rarest gemstone found on the earth. The stone has an enticing natural rainbow like glitter which makes them nothing less than a prized possession.  It is believed that wearing pearl in ring ensures a happy life. The pearl comes up as a good choice for the engagement ring, it is not only affordable but its powers make it the ideal choice for couples. The pearl fills the life of the couple with abundant wealth and good health.  The pearl comes in different colors like white pearl brings name & fame; yellowish pearl brings wealth; pearl with blue hues brings good fortune; reddish pearl brings wisdom and love. It would be the wonderful idea to have the different pearl in engagement ring to get the combined power of the magical stone.

3.  Tourmaline:

It is counted among one of the most colorful gemstones. It is the reason that Tourmaline is a favorite of would-be bride & groom as well as gemstone designers. It is available in shades of blue, green, pink and red. The multicolored look is another version of Tourmaline that looks fascinating in engagement ring setting. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly stone then Tourmaline gemstone comes up as the best option. The beautiful stone is hard and durable. It weighs between 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale. Mix & match Tourmaline with other gemstones to form an interesting pattern for your engagement ring.


4.  Lapis Lazuli:

The jewellery designing trends keep on changing with time. The latest trend that has taken the jewellery designing industry by storm is Lapis Lazuli. The affordable deep blue with golden sprinkle makes it look like a glittering star. Lapis Lazuli gemstone comes up as a great choice for the engagement ring because of its properties. The stone is a symbol of truth and friendship – two essential qualities needs in couples. The wonderful stones measures between 5 to 5.5 on mohs scale. The price is another factor that goes in favorite of it. If you are looking for an affordable semi-precious gemstone then Lapis Lazuli in the gemstone is the answer. The Lapis Lazuli bead looks amazing in engagement ring setup.