Top 5 Crystal to Help You Lead a Happy Life

We all are in pursuit happiness. Sometimes in spite of getting all materialistic things in life one is not happy. Here, gemstones are of great help. They have been used for centuries to find the true happiness. Listed below are my top five crystals that can help you lead happier life.

1.  Clear Quartz:

The clear quartz is popular for its magnificent healing qualities. The translucent stone is very effective in treating issues related to mental, physical and emotional level. The clear quartz brings wisdom, love and good luck in life. It helps to connect with your inner consciousness and activates chakras. If you are looking for true love in life then adorn Clear quartz beads in jewellery, it will help you to meet your true love in this very life.

2.  Amethyst:

It is one of the rare gemstone that is full of diverse properties; it is the reason is called all purpose stone. Mediating with Amethyst gemstone opens up the third chakra and leads to divine consciousness. The stone shows the right path whenever there is confusion in mind. Also, it helps to come out of anxiety and depression. The stone is effectively used for treating mood swings, insomnia and anger. Amethyst is known as traveler’s stone. In the ancient times, travelers used to keep the stone with them as it believed to protect from pirates, dacoits, and even natural threats.

Amethyst gemstone

3.  Rose Quartz:

The beautiful Rose quartz is called the stone of relationship. The stone is of great help whether you are searching for true love or nursing a broken heart. It comes up as a perfect gift for couples as it brings them closer. Rose quartz brings in life unconditional love, commitment and fidelity. If you are going through a troubled relationship then wearing rose quartz beads studded jewellery will have an instant calming effect in life. Placing rose quartz at workplace or home keeps the atmosphere peaceful.

4.  Citrine:

The golden yellow stone is loved by gem lovers from around the world. The beautiful stone is widely used in jewellery. It renders a classic and timeless look that a very few of the gemstone can manage. Its magical powerful healing properties further make it more valuable. The stone attracts abundance of happiness, wealth and prosperity in life. Citrine is the favorite stone of merchants from around the world. Merchants keep the stone with them as it helps them to overcome any kind of financial problem. It also opens up new avenues of opportunity. Citrine gemstone is one of the rare gemstones that everyone should keep in home, office or purse to attractive abundance of bliss, fortune and positivity.

5.  Black Tourmaline:

Black tourmaline is known as the ultimate stone of protection. It safeguards you from every kind of negative force. Keeping the stone in home eliminates negative energy and forms a protective shield unfavorable energy from entering the space. The stone also guards you if somebody is planning to harm you without your knowledge. Wearing Black Tourmaline beads studded jewellery helps you fulfill your hidden desires and wishes. It removes physic blockage that was coming up in the way of your wishes. It absorbs all the negativity in the body and transmutes positive energy.