Top 5 Gemstone Engagement Rings of Celebrities loved by People

Celebrity’s engagement ring is always in the news. The pictures of it are splashed over tabloid and it becomes the next fashion trend. Let us take a look at top five engagement ring styles of celebrities loved by the people

1.  Halle Berry:

Actress Halle Berry’s engagement ring stunning design instantly attracted attention. Making is the most loved engagement ring design of the recent times. The 4-emerald ring had a very curious setting that makes it simply unique and classic at the same time. The ring was the creation of famous French Jewellery Designer Robert Mazio. The ring had a two comparatively slighter diamonds on each side of the square cut diamond. The ring has Phoenician codes representing the couple’s beautiful love story. It made the ring simply priceless. The cost of the engagement ring was believed to be $2000000. Surely you can take a leaf from Halle Berry’s wonderful engagement ring. Well, it may be out of your budget but it would be a wonderful idea to have your love story written in codes in the ring.

2.  Mariah Carey:

The beautiful singer was presented by approximately $2.9 million dollar engagement ring by Nick Cannon. Jacob & Company, the leading jewelry designers were given the task of designing the stunner. The ring has 17 Carat Diamond in girls pink shade set in square design. Further, it was decorated with small beads around the band. It had two comparatively big diamonds on both sides with the pink stunner in the center. It was at that time known as the most luxurious and classy celebrity ring. The Pink diamond beautifully blended with the charming persona of this stylish diva making her look more glamorous.

3.  Elizabeth Hurley:

The engagement of actress and model Elizabeth Hurley with Ace Australian Shane Warne took the world by storm. True to his flamboyance Shane Warne dazzled his lady by 9 karat sapphire with trillion cut diamonds on each side. The value of this spectacular ring was estimated to be around @100,000. The Sapphire Gemstone gave a royal touch to the ring.

4.  Blake Lively:

The popular film actor Ryan Reynolds chose an unconventional way to propose his actress girlfriend Blake Lively. Ryan selected a 2.5 million dollar stunning oval cut stone set in delicate rose gold. It had paved diamond set artistically around the band. It was created by famous jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The beautiful ring was custom designed to give an artistic look. If you are looking for something unique then go for a diamond in rose gold. The color rose gold depicts feminism.

5.  Kelly Clarkson:

Kelly Clarkson, the winner of American Idol was swept off the feat by Brandon when he proposed her for the wedding with a splendid yellow diamond in square shape. The stunning center diamond was surrounded by small diamond in a round setting, highlighting the beauty of the canary diamond. The ring was designed by famous jewelry designer Jonathan Arndt. The ring was believed to coast Brandon a whopping $150,000. It was one of the most liked colored gemstone design at that time.