Top 5 Gemstones for People Born Under Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is the most emotional of all zodiac signs, and several birthstones have been associated with this zodiac. The different birthstone act as lucky stones or charms and they can absorb the negative energy, thereby promoting positive energy. People, who are born between October 24 to November 21st come under this sun sign. Pluto is the ruling planet, and its position in the birth planet can create a great impact on the character and relationship of a person. The main birthstone of Scorpio is Topaz, but there are many more other stones associated with this sun sign. Let us take a look at 5 Gemstones for people born under Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

1.  Topaz:

Scorpio is considered to be the most powerful of all zodiac signs, and it can create a dual impact. Therefore, a scorpion individual requires Topaz for creating an inspiring and stimulating influence on both the mind, and the soul. Topaz gemstone beads conduct the energies of the ruling planet, Pluto. It plays a great role in enhancing the area of relationship with loyalty, constancy and faithfulness. It is important to note that the strong influence of Topaz can create a balancing effect on the nervous system and the chakras. Apart from that, it can even heal health issues like gout, asthma problems, mental issues, sleeping disorders, etc.

2.  Aquamarine:

It is the traditional birthstone of Scorpio according to the old Arabic, polish, Hebrew and Roman calendar. The Aquamarine Gemstone variety of this stone can bestow some of the best foresight to the wearer. In addition to that, it is even to known to relieve stress and anxiety, thereby stimulating youthful joy and happiness.
Aquamarine Gemstones 3.  Opal:

Opal is one of the amazing gemstones that work for Scorpio people. It is ruled by Pluto. The stone is mystic, healer and artist. Moreover, this stone is also known for offering its support during times of transition and intense change.  

4.  Beryl:

This stone belongs to a group of minerals, which even include aquamarine. In the old Italian and Russian calendar, this was the birthstone of October. The precious stone can be found in wide varieties of colors except green. The green one is known as emerald. The stone can bring joy and cheerfulness in a solemn and serious Scorpion. In addition to that, it can even enrich the power of love and marriage. Yellow colored beryl is the most suitable color for people belonging to Scorpio zodiac, and it deepens the level of sincerity in a person.

5.  Tourmaline:

Also known as Rubellite is often associated with Scorpio. It influences a person with positive energy. Moreover, it might even strengthen blood, thereby providing complete balance to the structures of blood vessels and veins. This in turn promotes blood circulation. The Tourmaline Beads can even heal the nervous system, especially in people born to a Scorpio sun sign.

Tourmaline Beads

Apart from these five there are several other gemstones that contemporary astrologers describe as the birthstone of Scorpio. You need to find out what suits you the best, and which of them proves to be lucky for you. On the basis of that, you can make your decision.