Top 5 Steps Religiously Follow while Buying Gemstones Online

Whether you want to wear gemstones for horoscope reasons or for attraction purposes, you will have to make sure that you buy the genuine ones. This in turn will give you the complete value of the stone along with your returns on investment. Moreover, in the recent years, the tendency of buying things from the internet has increased, gemstones being no exception. After all, it gives the complete convenience of buying stones with just the click of a mouse. 

Here are some of the considerations that you should make in buying gemstones. This in turn will help you in making the right decision in the overall buying process. 


1.Consider the color- 

When you buy the stones, color is certainly the crucial factor to consider. Make sure that the color is as pure as possible, without any mixture in shades. Often, blue is different from bluish green. Thus, you might be mistaken. The color of a gemstone is based on its hue, saturation and tone. When the tone and saturation is higher, the color is better and purer. The top shades are always the true colors that come without any mix of shades. The vendor from whom you are buying should present you the right photographs while buying online. This will help you get an accurate picture so that decision making is easier for you. With an accurate photo, you will not only get an idea of the color, but also the characteristics of the clarity.


2.Compare color and price-

There are multiple dealers selling gemstones online. Before finalizing your decision on any one of them, you should always compare the color and price. The price per carat of the gem can often be a difficult subject to compare, but you can always compare the prices of 2 gemstones in the same weight range. The prices of gemstones move by geometrical progression. Often, a single vendor might provide you the option to compare the prices of the finished products.


3.Know about the treatments-

While buying gemstones online, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the treatments that the stone has experienced. Heat is one of the most common forms of treatments applied to the gemstones, and the prices of such stones are less compared to the untreated ones. Go for the untreated ones if you are buying for any astrological purpose. Otherwise, heat like treatment is often said to destroy the qualities of the stone, and can bring negative effects.


4.Know the origins-

You might even be interested in knowing the source of origin of the stone. This in turn can ensure that you are investing on the right product.


5.Certification from a gem lab-

While buying gemstone, it is crucial to make sure that you check the certificate available from the gem lab. It should be from an independent and established lab. The certification can certainly add value to your purchase.

Hence, these things will help you in making the best buying decision of the most valuable gemstones.