Top 5 Tips to Buy the Very Best Diamond

If you are looking for a diamond that will give you complete value of your money, you need to know the stone very well. There are thousands of sellers selling diamond gemstone, but not all are reliable. It is important to find a reliable seller to get the right piece. ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, and hence you should select your piece carefully. It is crucial for you to be aware of the cuts, types, and the hue of diamonds so that you can go for the most suitable option. If you have the basic information about the diamonds available, it would be quite easy for you to choose the best. In addition to that, you can expect to get a proper valuation of the piece of jewelry. 

1-Factors To Consider:

In this context, it is significant to note that hosts of factors can come into play when it comes to buying diamonds. Here are few of the factors that you should not fail to consider in this context.

2-Giving Attention To The Cuts:

The cut of the stone is the most prominent factor while choosing any item of diamond. Numerous cuts are used for varying jewelries, and these are used differently by various designers. However, instead of focusing on the cuts in terms of shape, you should consider the symmetry and the polish after the cut. Light and transparency should be reflected through the stone by means of which the stone can look brilliant. Some of the prominent cuts you can find in the market are Round Brilliant Cut, Oval Cut Diamond, Princess Cut, Pear Shaped, Marquise Cut, Cushion Cut Diamond, etc.

3-Proper Setting:

The next important consideration to make is the setting or mounting of the cut in a particular piece of jewelry. In fact, this can certainly determine the overall look and feel of the ring. Regardless, the brilliancy of the cut, if the setting is not appropriate, the stone will not look valuable. Hence, you should be careful in choosing the best setting. Some of the common and valuable settings are Bezel, Burnish, Bead, Prong, Tension, Channel, and Faux Tension.

4-Attention To The Style:

Do not forget to consider the form and style of the stone. You have the flexibility to choose from a huge array of forms. Some of the trendy forms that are available in the market today include Solitaire, Bridal Sets, Solitaire with Side Accents, Triple Stone Rings, Promise Rings, Trio comprising of three rings, etc.

5-Significance Of Color, Size and Weight 

The color is also a factor that you should choose with special care. If you want to go for flawless diamonds, you will find that technically they are colorless and transparent. However, they have a brilliant sheen in them. On the other hand, colored diamonds like red are rare and these are very beautiful to look at.

In any case, the real value of a diamond lies in its weight and size. This is quite similar to any other gemstones. The weight and size of a diamond should be proportional to each other. When the weight is more, the size is larger and vice versa.