Top 5 Tips to Wear Right Gemstones To get Desired Results

Most gemstones come with amazing beauty and stunning healing powers. However, it is important to wear each gemstone in the correct procedure in order to get maximum benefits from it. Even if, you choose the right gemstone suitable for your planet and birth horoscope, lack of wearing it properly might minimize the overall effect of the stone. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of the exact processes of wearing so that you do not end up making any mistake. 

Here are some of the crucial points that you should try to follow in this context.

1. Choosing the right gemstone- The first thing to remember in this context is to choose the right stone. Thus, getting recommendations from a renowned astrologer can help you in getting a detailed analysis of your horoscope. He will instruct you compatible stones with a particular metal. At the same time, you should also remember that incompatible gemstones can bring negative and ill effects.

2. Check the quality and clarity- The next step is to check the quality and clarity of the stone in the context of the cut and transparency. Different stones come with blemishes, internal cuts and marks. Unless the mark is natural, gemstones with such defects should be rejected immediately. On the contrary, the stone should be natural and original without any specialized chemical treatments. The luster of the stone should not be uneven and it should be uniform in nature. The shades of a real stone will not change. 

3. Testing the suitability- After buying the correct gemstone, you should test it to check out its suitability. Place it under the pillow at night or wear it with other gemstone touching your skin. Refrain from wearing it after 7 days if you notice health issues, horror thoughts or bad news. Never wear the same stone again.

4. Wearing on the right day- It is crucial to wear the stone at the right day and time. In this context, selecting an auspicious day can be helpful. However, the planet associated with the stone should be strong on the day of wearing the stone. 

5. Wearing it the ideal way- The stone should be embedded in a locket or finger ring in such a way so that the bottom of the stone touches the skin. Immerse the ring in raw milk or gangajal overnight prior to wearing it. Make sure that you wear the ring within one hour of sunrise after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.

Remove the ring from the milk, face eastwards and recite the mantras of the planet 108 times. Consequently, you can look forward to wearing the ring or the pendant.

If you are not aware of the mantras associated with each planet, you can easily obtain them from various sources. On the other hand, you can even ask your astrologer to specify you the mantra. Try to wear a color of cloth matches with the color of the stone you are wearing like green for emerald gemstone beads or white for prince cut diamond.