Top 6 Gemstone Rarer than Diamond

Form most buyers, diamond is the number one choice when it comes to gifting their loved ones a priceless ring or a necklace. Some may go beyond the usual diamonds and acknowledge the value of an emerald, rubies or sapphires as valuable gemstones. In fact, diamond manufacturers are often blamed for segregating the gemstone market into precious and semi-precious segments.

Here are 6 gemstones that are truly rarer and definitely far more precious than a diamond!
Painite was officially the world’s rarest gemstone as per The Guinness Book of World Records. Named after the mineralogist, Arthur C Pain who discovered the extraordinary rock in Myanmar in 1950, Painite has less than 25 identified varieties. Even as new discoveries are being made to dig out varieties of painite and produce it artificially in labs, it continues to be in the top 10 rare gems list.

Want to know why Tanzanite is in the list? Well, as per the recent studies by mineralogists, Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamond. Found in African nation, Tanzania, this gemstone is extracted exclusively from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It exhibits pleochroism like Alexandrite. The gemstone exudes a catchy shift in colour when viewed in different intensities of light and across various angles of display. The only reason for its rarity as an exquisite gemstone is the presence of vanadium ions.

The chrysoberyl gemstones have always been endowed with an element of fantasy. Alexandrite is no different. It deserves to be in this list for its brilliant shift in colours when observed in natural sunlight and in dark. It belongs to the emerald family and exudes the similar greenish blue shade in natural sunlight. When turned to candle light, it shifts its colour radiance to darker purple and scarlet red shade. The dramatic alteration in its colour is bestowed by virtue of a rare combo of ions of Titanium, iron and chromium.

Other than blue diamonds, topazm aquyamarine and Lapis Lazuli, you finally have a choice form the rarest segments of gemstones. Benitoite is quarried from the waters of San Benito River in California, USA. Some extraneous gemstone resembling the variety are also found in Alaska, Arkansas and Japan. The brillaint blue looks electrifying when seen under UV light. It is officially the neon king among all gemstone in the ‘rarer than diamond’ list.

Grandidierite is an enthralling mineral found on planet’s most exotic location- Madagascar Islands. Its pleochroic properties cover all the shades visible in the rainbow. A carat of Grandidierite can cost you USD 100,000, that too an unpolished uncut variety.

Discovered only four decades ago, the gemstone derives its name from the Poudrette quarry of Mont Saint Hilaire in Quebec. Like Painite, it was not officially considered as a mineral gemstone due to its dark brown shade. It entered the list of rare than diamond only in 2003 when it was thoroughly studied by mineralogists for its physical, crystalline and economical significance. Serandite crystals and Carletonite crystals are also found along with this rare gemstone. It is priced at $1400.00 per carat.