Top 6 Reasons to Buy Lab-Created Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones have studied the crowns and tiaras of royal families, but in recent times, the items of luxury have actually crossed over to become fashionable elements. Be it glorifying your personality wearing trendy gemstone-studded watches or bejewelled wedding dresses, it is not always feasible to embrace natural items. This is where lab-grown gemstones come handy.

If you are looking for reasons to buy lab-created gemstones, here is what we believe could be advantageous.

1.  Identity Maintained:

Your love for gemstones won’t be diluted if you embrace lab grown gemstones. They are just as sturdy, clear and mesmerizing as the natural ones, but earned at much lesser price. Most buyers walk out of the lab-grown gemstone showroom, thinking they are low-society items. They are not! In fact, they are symbols of technology advancements—manufacturing, polishing, enhancements and irradiation. At the much lesser cost of ownership, you can actually enjoy the luxury of owning multiple gemstone collections—rubies, emerald beads, sapphire beads and even the rarest of the rare, Red beryls.

Sapphire Gemstones

2.  Quality ensured:

There is no guarantee on the behavior of the natural gemstone. If you are looking for an intense gemstone for the sake of spiritual and metaphysical healing, lab-grown gemstones are known to be just as effective. Quality is the key in the manufacturing of lab-grown gemstones. Lab officials and subsequent machinery operators ensure the highest proficiency in ensuring that only quality gemstone see the light of the day, while others are plainly discarded.

3.  Long lasting luster and sheen:

Gemstones produced in lab reveal long-lasting sheen and luster. They retain their clarity for the much longer time as compared to their natural counterparts.

4.  Customized properties:

Like a particular colour? Do you wish that your Birthstone was a little harder so that you can engage in your usual physical activities without removing the ring? Customized lab-grown gemstones are perfect solutions to such demands, where you can actually ask for particular colours and lustre. If you are on a pacemaker, you don’t want a gemstone to affect its normal functioning. Lab-grown gemstones have controlled piezoelectric and irradiation effects, which safeguards the user from any untoward incident in the long run.

Emerald Gemstones

5.  Clear distinction in fashion and industry compounds:

Gemstone users are not limited to fashionable buyers who invest in rings, buttons, chains, pendants, and beads. Almost 90% of the diamond supply goes to the abrasive and mining industry. That leaves very less percentage of quality diamonds to be used for jewellery. With unlimited supply available for the industry, the gemstone suppliers can get the best price on their products.

6.  Environmental awareness:

Gemstone retailers show their environmental awareness by promoting lab-grown compounds. Gem mining is a corrosive and draining exercise that robs the environment of its precious resources, not to mention the fact that it pollutes the water bodies, and completely changes the natural landscape of the region through explosive mining and excavations.

Lab-grown gemstones is a cost-effective, pollution-free and resource-optimum compounds that save billions of dollars for the retailers, suppliers and also the end-user industries—fashion, fabric, electronics and medical.

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