Top 6 Tips to Ensure You Don’t End Up Buying Fake Diamonds

Diamonds are one the most sought after gemstones in the world. The stone is known for its sparkling qualities that make it favorite of gemstone lovers from around the world. If you are planning to buy diamond then its very important that you should know how to differentiate between real & fake diamonds. These stones are very expensive, so surely you don’t want to be cheated. Here we are going to reveal some very practical tips to find out if you are getting original diamond gemstones.

1.  Give Second Thought to Diamond offered at Cheap Rate:

If the seller is offering you diamond at a very cheap rate then there is a high probability that it is fake. Remember, diamonds are counted among one of the most expensive gem in the world, so no seller can give you at a throwaway price. 

2.  Check the Shine:

The diamonds are known for its lustrous shine. The unique thing is that the diamonds have the same sparkle throughout no matter from which angle you look. Hence, it would be an intelligent idea to go for a sparkle test. The fake diamond may have sparkle but they will not sparkle at the edges. It will help you to tell that the gemstone is not real. Always remember, most important characteristic of diamond is its glitter.

3.  Amazing Newspaper Trick:

Place the diamond on a piece of newspaper upside down. If you are able to read the content via stone then there is a high probability that the gemstone offered to you is not real. Here knowledge of cuts and setting would be an added advantage.

4.  Fog test:

The fog test comes up as one of the easiest way to check the genuineness of the diamond. Expose the stone to warm air to check if the fog disappears or stays on it. In case, the fog stays on the diamond even for a few seconds then the stone is fake. Fog disappears from the real diamond right away.

5.  Ask for Certification:

When buying diamonds always ask for gemstone certification, a certified diamond means you are getting a genuine product. You would be surprised to know that there are only few gemstone sellers who deal in AAA certified quality gemstones. If the seller is not offering you certified diamond then it wise to leave the stone.

6.  Always go with a Reputed Seller:

Buy diamonds from only reputed sellers and brands. They are into business into a long time and have credibility in the market. They avoid getting into fake products or tactics as it will hamper their reputation. Also, make it a point to read customer reviews. Well, it would be better to avoid small merchants or seller who just got into gemstone business.

Following of these methods will help you check the quality of diamond. Apart from this make sure to go through the flaws, cuts, inclusion, clarity and pricing. Checking these will ensure that you don’t fall into a trap of fraudster.