Top 7 Gemstones According to Healing Benefits

e ancient times in different cultures. In the modern times, they are also used for ornamental purposes. Some people use these stones as part of their spiritual practices so that they can restore energy, gain peace and promote health and safety. It is also believed in many cultures that gemstones should be placed in certain areas of bodies known as Chakras in order to promote complete healing.

Here is a list of some of the most popular gemstones, and the tremendous health benefits associated with the same. 


The gorgeous and deep shades of red in this stone is said to bring loads of energy to the wearer. People, struggling with health issues can certainly benefit from this stone. It can boost the entire system along with revitalizing the body. In addition to that, it can even promote complete well-being of the individuals by boosting confidence levels.

Rose quartz- 

This pink hued gemstone is very popular, and it can heal heart issues. It is closely associated with love and promotes a soothing and gentle energy. It is best to wear the stone in a pendant round the neck. This in turn makes the stone stay close to the heart and opens the door to positive relationships. People, struggling with loneliness or inner peace can get excellent benefits from this stone.  


The gorgeous gemstone can bring courage, strength and peace. In addition to that, it is also an excellent way to promote healing. The soothing stone is associated with peaceful properties that can help in releasing creativity. The Amethyst Beads stone comprises of tranquil qualities, due to which it is great for anyone suffering from mood disorders, anxiety and depression. It can greatly promote spiritual and emotional health.


The beautiful white and clear rainbow colored moonstone beads can help in achieving balance in females. It can even help in alleviating depression, suffering, and insomnia. It can even help in combating the illnesses of childhood and old age.


It is a well known fact that it occurs naturally within an oyster, and it can come in many shapes, shades and sizes. It can benefit the entire body by creating positive energy and happy feelings. Traditionally, they have been used for curing digestive disorders, heart problems or fertility issues. It can even be used in treating skin problems. 


This stone is said to promote the overall emotional well-being of the wearer and increase positive energy. Citrine Gemstone Beads can even aid in hearing difficulties, sleep problem, digestive disorders and inflammation management. It is best to wear the stone in the natural form to cure all ailments. 


It is either yellow brown or red colored and can treat wide varieties of problems. The powerful stone can heal headaches and stress. It can even contribute to the process of self-purification and self-cleansing. This in turn can alleviate pain from the body in many ways.