Top 8 Tips to Follow While Buying Semi-Precious Stones

Apart from the precious gemstones that are highly popular, the semi-precious stones are also beautiful and attractive. These are available in plethora of colors and cuts, and they can be used to adorn everything ranging from rings, pendants to clothing. However, if you have never purchased semi-precious stones before, it is crucial for you to have an idea of buying. You should check out the things to look for, the things to ask and get an idea of the monetary value of the stone before finalizing your buying decision. 

1 - Know About Semi-Precious Gemstones:

Gems that come in many characteristics and colors of the rainbow are generally categorized under semi-precious stones. These can be easily distinguished from the precious ones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, etc. Some semi-precious stones like amethysts were considered as precious because of the rare availability. However, now it has come under the semi-precious category because of the easy availability of the stone. Some of the semi-precious stones are also highly valuable like tanzanite, alexandrite or topaz gemstone beads.

2 - Evaluation Of The Gemstones: 

Prior to buying, you need to know the various ways in which different gemstones are evaluated. Well, the factors that determine the value of the individual stone can be the cut, clarity, color, flawlessness and size. The characteristics of the stone vary, and they can be analyzed in the same way as goes for the precious stones. Here are some of the important factors to consider in this context.

3 - Cut-

The cut always determines the value of the stone. Well, it not only refers to the shape of the stone, but also the overall surface area. A stone well cut with proportional facets can produce superior brilliancy, light reflection and color. 

4 - Color-

The rating of the color is done in terms of its intensity, vivacity and saturation. Bright color in the medium range without any cloudiness in it is considered as the stone of the highest quality.

5 - Clarity-

It usually refers to the flawlessness of the gemstone. It even refers to the absence of any mark, blemish or marks on the stone.

6 - Carat-

Unit in weight in gemology is considered as carat. One carat equals to .200 grams. However, the value is not always determined on the basis of the carat in the stone. 

7 - Different Kinds Of Treatment-

A natural stone is said to be more valuable compared to a stone that has been treated for enhancing its color or effect. Often, treatment methods affect the value of the stone to a great extent. Stones that are filled to hide flaws or dyed can be of low quality. Treating the stone with color can enhance the color and change it permanently. 

8 - The Transparency-

Transparency is quite different from opacity. The transparency is measured in terms of the light diffused throughout the stone. When a gem is more transparent, its value tends to increase.

Now that you are aware of the different factors to consider in buying the semi-precious stones, you should not have any difficulty in making a purchase.