Top 8 World Famous Diamonds and their cuts

Diamonds are extraordinary gemstones. The most aspiring fact related to diamond is its origin and constituent- Carbon. Diamond is one of the rarer allotropes of elemental Carbon. Known to Indians for at least 6000 years, diamonds have always been an item to express pompous glory, love and magical companionship. 

Here is a list of world-famous diamonds, though lesser known to a regular gem buyer.

1 Akbar Shah

More popularly called as the Lustre of the Peacock Throne, Akbar Shah is a pear shaped light green diamond, now weighing 73.6 carat. Glorified by Mughal king, Shah Jehan, the diamond was lost in the trails of time when it was confiscated by Persian Emperor, Nadir Shah.  It returned back mysteriously in Turkey, with a new name- The Shepherd’s Stone. It was cut from 120 carats to its present weight by George Blogg and then purchased by Malhar Rao Gaekwad, ruler of Baroda.

2 Archduke Joseph 

A brilliant colourless diamond shaped in cushion form, Archduke Joseph now weighs 76.45 carat. Named after the Austrian duke, the diamond was mined from India’s Golconda wells. 

3 Argyle Pink Jubilee

The largest diamond to have ever been mined from Australia, Argyle Pink Jubilee actually has a flaw line that prevents its cutting into a shape. It weighs 8.01 carat.

4 The Black Orlov/The Eye of the Brahma

One of its kind, the Black Orlov is actually an item of massive importance to Hindus. It was stolen from the statue of Hindu god-Brahma, placed in a temple in Puducherry. The owner of the stone is ‘supposedly’ cursed and hence the 67.5 carat diamond is now displayed at NYC and London museums. 

5 Centenary Diamond

The love for big diamonds gets Centenary Diamond its ubiquitous positon in the list of world-famous collectibles. Discovered in 1986, the stone weighed a massive 599 carats. The gem now weighs 273.85 carats, with 247 facets. Its owner is unanimous, but continues to be displayed at major exhibitions. 

6 Darya-ye Noor

Weighing 182 carats, Darya-ye Noor actually means ‘Sea of Pure Light’. It is one of the largest and also the rarest diamonds to have ever been cut. It is a pink coloured gemstone was mined at the Kollur mines in India, and was owned by princely kingdoms of India till Nadir Shah looted it along with Koh-i-Noor and Akbar Shah.

Gemstone historians believe that the Darya-ye Noor and Noor-ul-Ain (both grace the Iranian Crown Jewels’ list) are actually cut out from the Great Table Diamond, once studded in the Peacock throne of Mughal emperor, Shah Jehan.

7 Graff Pink

Known to many as “one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered”, Graff Pink is a rare 24.78 carat gem boasting of an intense pink hue and priced at £29 million in its last auction.

8 Nassak/ Nassik Diamond

Now not many would believe that the Nassak is actually the same eye of the idol that lord Triamabkeswar adorned between 1500 and 1817. The pear shaped diamond now weighs 89 carat.